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Can you really get 400 leads in a day? Special webinar with Rick Liuag

re: especially for insurance agents, brokers, financial advisors, and CPA's

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Rick Liuag recently did a short webinar in which he explained exactly how he was able to get 0ver 400 qualified leads for his insurance business using some effective automation tools and harnessing the intense interest in Obamacare.

You can watch the replay now by clicking on the photoL

Register and watch now by going here:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Using Video Scribe by Sparkol to Rock your Pages

re: keep more eyeballs on the page...

Just wanted to take a bit of time and show you what you can do with Video Scribe. Now.. this software hasn't been around that long. But it is already changing the way businesses tell their stories. I am just learning it myself.  Here is one of my first attempts.

and here is a short commercial that I did for a friend of mine.  If you want to try it on your own, get a free trial by clicking on the banner above or go to:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A great marketing tool that costs nothing...


re: fully functional test copy for EZ Automator

Yes, there are some good things you can get for nothing to help market your business.
My friend Shivy, who is a downright awesome programmer, made a cloud-based software that does tons of stuff. You can get a free, fully-functional (but limited to 1,000 contacts) version by going here:

This program has features such as SMS (text messaging) emailing, video emailing, ready-to-use electronic newsletter templates, and a lot more.

It is in the pre-launch phase, so you can get a limited contact silver edition for only... NOTHING.
Just go to the link above and register.

Then use it!
(yes, you actually have to USE marketing tools in order for them to work)

If you like it and you have more than 7,000 contacts.. then you can upgrade.

It's that simple.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

If you don't know this... all your marketing is a shot in the dark

re: how to avoid marketing frustration

by Tammy "Grouchy Marketing Lady" de Leeuw

Over and over again I see it...
Recalcitrant business owners unwilling to spend a dime on marketing themselves. 

Or, even worse, business people who allow themselves to be sold epic marketing packages that keep them forever broke, always behind the eight ball, and still frustrated by their lack of customers.

I've talked with dozens of these business men and women and have come to this conclusion:

The number 1 reason most business owners balk at the idea of doling out cash for marketing consultation, tools, advertising, or wind up panicking and buying expensive, yet often useless marketing tools is...

They simply don't have an accurate idea of the lifetime value of their customers.

I conducted an informal poll of some local business owners recently, asking them the question:

"What is the average lifetime value of your typical client or customer?"

Not surprisingly, only one out of the ten I asked had any idea of how to answer that question.
From a purely mathematical  point of view, LTV looks like this.

However, computing a client's value to your business is more of an art form than a immutable exercise in math.  Unlike pure mathematics, there are variables which don't compute nearly into a  formula.

Let's say you own a dry cleaning store with a repeat customer named Sam.  Sam brings you a stack of shirts each week that, after subtracting costs, nets you $7 in profit.  Allowing for Sam's yearly 2 week vacation, and knowing that your customers stay with you and average of five years,  it would be tempting to assign Sam a lifetime client value of $1,750.00

But what if Sam was really worth MORE than that?

Sam is a salesman and he knows everyone in town.  He loves the way you clean his shirts and he can't stop talking about your shop to others.  As a result of Sam's praise, you get  4-5 new customers every year.

Now, you could safely assume that Sam's worth is at least double your previous estimate. 
So spending $500 to acquire one more customer like Sam would be worthwhile investment.

Caveat: Don't Get Hooked on LTV Or You Could Wind Up Way Over Budget

LTV is simply a planning tool to help you plan your marketing budget.   It is not a license to spend like the government.

I  agree with Bill Gurley, a  general partner at Benchmark Capital in Menlo Park, California, who wrote an article in Forbes magazine warning against Lifetime Value addiction.

Writes Gurley:

 "Some people wield the LTV model as if they were Yoda with a light saber: “Look at this amazing weapon I know how to use!” Unfortunately, it is not that amazing, it’s not that unique to understand, and it is not a weapon, it’s a tool. Companies need a sustainable competitive advantage that is independent of their variable marketing campaigns. You can’t win a fight with a measuring tape."

To sum it up:  

No matter how large or small your business may be, it does pay to have an idea of how much the average customer brings to your bottom line.  

That being said, however, you don't want to go around chasing unicorns; looking so far into the future and trying to determine what MIGHT happen that you overspend on marketing.  A steady, conservative, and realistic approach to ROI is the best way to go.

The very best way, after all, to acquire new clients is to work on bringing uniqueness and value to your business and building a sustainable advantage over all your competition.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Riding the Wave of Obamacare Publicity

re: Obamacare could mean free PR for your business

7 Ways to Use Obamacare to Get Clients for YOUR Business

by Tammy de Leeuw
Blended Blogger

1. Are you a good speaker? Then take the Obamacare Bootcamp (anyone can use this information), read as much about the Affordable Care Act as possible and start offering to speak.  You can speak at senior groups, civic and service organizations, and professional associations.  Email query or write an offer to speak for free in your local area.  Be sure your speech does not get too political or theoretical, but instead focuses on the FACTS about Obamacare.  Watch the webinar we did recently and you will get an idea of the kind of speech you should write and deliver.

2. Write and publish a free report on Obamacare basics that you can offer online and offline to people who opt in to your list.

3. Offer a free workshop at your place of business.  Bring in an Obamacare expert to present solutions and practical advice to your customers. 

4. Research and publish a blog dedicated to the Affordable Care Act. Example:

5. If you are an insurance agent or financial advisor with some knowledge of healthcare insurance and benefits, offer to do a free insurance audit for your clients.  Provide solutions to saving money if they choose to offer health insurance.

6. Start offering medical access/discount cards to your clients.  These plans, while not insurance, do provide access to telemedicine.  Access to primary care doctors will be harder and harder to obtain once Obamacare is fully in play.  Having a licensed, board-certified doctor you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will be invaluable.  In most states, anyone can offer these plans, since they are not considered insurance.    Be sure to get one of these plans for yourself.  You will be glad you did!

7. Let local media outlets know that you are an EXPERT.  Get invited to speak on radio, television, and as a guest blogger or columnist.  Not only will this cement your position as the local go-to person on the Affordable Care Act, but you will also create some content you can use on your website or blog.  Here is an example:

Millions of dollars is being spent on Obamacare publicity, but if you play your cards right, you can get some of that good press for YOUR business. for free.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Use-Massive-Free -Obamacare-PR- And Get 20-30 Warm, Qualified Leads Per Week!

re:Using Affordable Care Act Publicity to YOUR Advantage

by Tammy de Leeuw
The Grouchy Marketing Lady

Regardless of what business you are in- whether you are an insurance agent, CPA, financial advisor, direct sales company owner, or other small business owner...

There is nothing that can generate quality leads faster and for less money than live speaking engagements.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition for the best gigs.  The venues which attract ideal demographics for your business are likely in very high demand.

In order to land those plum engagements, and become recognized as an authority in your local area, you need to be speaking about something slightly controversial, different, exciting.. You need to tap into what people are talking about around the water cooler, at lunch, and with their friends.

I think the perfect subject matter for a 15-20 minute talk has to be the Affordable Care Act (also known as "Obamacare."

In the months leading up to its' full implementation in January, 2014, Obamacare is bound to be one of the most discussed topics in the United States.  Already the Obama administration has kicked off a massive public relations campaign.

You can benefit from this campaign.  Check out this webinar with my friend and mentor Rick Liuag, a businessman who is regularly getting 30-40 leads a week for his business by taking about the Affordable Care Act. (and doing it the right way!)

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Webinar-Financial-Advisors-Can-Sell- Secondary-Market-IN-Force-Annuities


re: great way to differentiate yourself

Our webinar with John Bulbrook of Bulbrook-Drislane in Boston featured a discussion of how financial advisors, life agents, brokers, IAR's, etc, can distinguish themselves by offering a unique product that gets from 5-7% interest, guaranteed!  If you are a life agent or annuity specialist, or if you want to sell an annuity you received in a court case, then you will want to watch this webinar.

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To learn more or become an agent go to

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lesson Learned: Seize the spotlight whenever you get the chance...

re: a marketing lesson from a 4-year-old

This little boy knows an opportunity for shameless self-promotion when he sees it...

Marketing lesson: When you do get the stage- MAKE IT COUNT!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Possibly the coolest person on the planet- Joerg Sprague

re: busted melons, killing zombies with toilet brushes

If Joerg Sprague isn't the coolest person currently living on planet Earth... then I am not sure who is.
In this killer vid- Joerg proves that toilet brushes can be a weapon of choice when faced with pesky zombies.

81 metres per second of raw toilet brush power!
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

re: Press play and find out why YOU should be at the next webinar!

Friday, July 5, 2013

ride the wild wave of Obamacare spin... and use it to get more clients for YOUR business

re: why some will profit from the "Obamacare Nightmare"

                                         Neither of these two is worried about Obamacare

by Tammy de Leeuw
Chief Marketing Blender
"on the rocks with a twist..."

Ignoring the politics of Obamacare, let's focus for a moment on the possible upsides of having an unpopular system jammed down the throats of recalcitrant Americans.

One of the most obvious potentially good consequences is the vast amount of spin that will be needed in order to get people to participate, especially in the early years.  A tsunami of free publicity is about to be unleashed that will be a windfall for many business owners who are prepared to take advantage of it.

In fact,  many of the billions of dollars already spent on Obamacare have gone, not to improving medicine and access to physicians, but to community organization groups and PR firms charged with the daunting task of applying sugar to the bitter pill.

For entrepreneurs, brick and mortar business owners, self-employed professionals, and others, Obamacare could very well be the spark they need in order to build large databases of warm leads, or turn prospects into clients, provided they are are willing to do a little work.

On Thursday, July 11, I will be joined by Rick Liuag once again for a webinar that will demonstrate exactly how a business owner can surf the tsunami of free publicity generated by Obamacare, using it to generate dozens and dozen of warm, qualified leads.

This webinar is for:

Brick and mortar store owners
MLM experts
Obamacare experts
Insurance Agents
Financial Advisors

Virtually anyone who wants to learn the steps to creating new, exciting content for lead generation.

Webinar is free, but availability is limited, so sign up now:

Monday, June 24, 2013

Let the Spin Begin

 Don't miss our webinar on June 26th..

re: the Obamacare PR machine kicks into high gear today...

by Tammy de Leeuw
Blended Marketing

Reuters and others are reporting that the Obamacare public relations campaign goes into effect today with the intended goal of convincing millions of healthy, young (mostly male) people to sign up for insurance that costs up to 50% more than everyone else is paying.

Reuters notes:

"The campaign is expected to target 2.7 million younger consumers between the ages of 18 to 35, whose participation in new online health insurance exchanges is vital to the success of President Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare reform law.

But the announcement provided no new clues about how administration officials intend to reach the target group - mostly males and non-whites - despite new concerns about whether the exchanges will be ready for open enrollment on October 1.
The campaign will be one segment of a much broader national outreach effort that will include hospitals, healthcare companies and providers, community organizers, media groups and state and local officials. The challenge will be to overcome huge public skepticism, particularly among young and healthy consumers, that the new plans are worthwhile."

According to administration officials, the biggest challenge will be  "to overcome huge public skepticism, particularly among young and healthy consumers, that the new plans are worthwhile."

If you own a business, now is your chance to learn what you can about Obamacare, and prepare to use the wave of free publicity to help your customers and...make more money.

Join us on Wednesday, June 26th for our special webinar on how small business owners can ride the wave of free Obamacare publicity.  Rick Liuag and Bill Nissen will show you some of the key points of this legislation for business owners and give you practical solutions for inserting your business into the Obamacare conversation.

Make no mistake, this legislation WILL impact everyone in some way.  The only question is how you, as a self-employed professional or brick and mortar business owner, will be able to survive and prosper in spit of it.

Go here to learn more about the webinar...

PS:Here is the Reuters article:

Thursday, June 13, 2013


re: if you are a financial professional, insurance agent, CPA, or benefits counselor...

Click on the photo to see a short video reminder of the special Obamacare bootcamp for advisors.

Then, before it's too late- register for the bootcamp here:

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Why YOU Need To Set Up Your Bank on Yourself Account...NOW

Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy. ~Groucho Marx

By Teresa Kuhn, JD, RFC, CSA
Bank on Yourself® Authorized Advisor
Host of “Living Wealthy Radio”

Tapped out and discouraged?

A study published in 2013 by the Employee Benefit Research Institute shows a record 28% of the respondents indicating that they have little to no confidence in ever being able to retire.

Job insecurity, inflation, tax increases, and continued high levels of debt are just a few of the legitimate concerns that keep Americans from saving for the second half of their lives.

Another contributing factor is that the same money strategies that might have worked, albeit often in a hit-and-miss fashion, in the past, simply aren’t viable in this new age of economic flux.  The evidence of this failure is hard to ignore- it’s literally all around us.

I’d like to suggest that it’s time to move on from conventional financial advice that has not served you well in the last few years and acquire a more contrarian approach to protecting and growing your wealth.

If you’re like most people, you’ve been content to let your CPA, financial advisor, banker, or broker handle the details of your financial future, relying on your monthly statements or an occasional phone call from the agent.  

Maybe you’ve augmented that with some iffy advice from one of the financial entertainment television shows or a newspaper column or two.

I am going to be so bold as to suggest that you need to change your money habits now, or risk being unprepared for what lies ahead.

In the future, I believe that you’ll find that more and more of life’s big decisions; decisions about everything from how to protect your cash to how to handle your health care will land squarely in your lap.  You need to be prepared to take a more informed and proactive role in those decisions.

Is what you’ve “always done” working out as you expected?  Are you where you want to be in life right now?  Are you satisfied that you have done all you can do to ensure that you and your family have the best possible futures?

If the answer is “no” to any of those questions, then you must consider what I am about to tell you very carefully.  It might run contrary to everything you think you know about money, but it might also be just what you need to hear in order to avoid making mistakes with your money from which you can never recover.

Myth Connections: How What You Thought You Knew About Money Is All Wrong

In an attempt to wring one last breath of truth out of a very tired cliché, I would like to propose that you think about building your house on a solid foundation.

I know, I know.  You’ve heard it before: at church, from a relative, maybe even in school or at work.

However, truth is truth and there is no way to deny the power of a solid foundation for your financial future.

I work with a diverse client base with people in many different phases of building their own personal economies.  Yet, even if I am dealing with my richest, most money-savvy clients, I always have them begin with a stable, secure mechanism for managing cash flow.  

For me, using specially-designed, “turbo-charged” life insurance policies is the ultimate way to achieve steady growth while staving off the erosive forces that destroy wealth.

Having such a means of securing cash in place ensures that, should a client decide they want to take advantage of real investment opportunities, they can do so with greater peace of mind.

I’m often asked why, if my methodology is so effective and so much safer than exposing one’s nest egg to banks and Wall Street, more people aren’t taking advantage of it.

The biggest barrier, I think, is the lack of financial education in our country.  Most Americans aren’t told the truth about money, especially when they are young.  

We aren’t made aware that money is organic, that it is susceptible to erosion from forces over which we exercise little to no control.  

They don’t call it a “nest rock,” but rather a “nest egg.”  

Imagine you had a big box of rocks.  You take those rocks to a secret location, bury them, and then return years later to collect them.  

What would you find when you opened that box?  Rocks- still in the same condition as when you left them.

If, on the other hand, you buried a box of eggs and then, ten years later, you went to retrieve them, what would you have?

Reeking globs of organic matter that barely resembles the original eggs!  

The reason for that transformation, of course, is that outside forces, such as heat, rain, and the chemical makeup of the eggs themselves, have combined to transform them into something else; something that we’ll never be able to use.

There’s a reason eggs have expiration dates stamped on the carton.

Money, too, has its version of an expiration date.  While you don’t actually see it printed on currency or advertised on the news, the idea that money expires becomes apparent when we don’t make good money choices; when opportunities are lost or the high price of financial ignorance, what I call the “dumb tax” must be paid.  

Money only stays fresh so long.  You have a limited window of opportunity after it is earned to put into place sound strategies that will help it grow safely, without exposure to risk, unnecessary taxes, and other erosive elements. 

That’s why getting a good financial education is one of the best things you can do to protect your future.

In the United States (and probably elsewhere as well) people certainly aren’t given much direction as to what to do with money- how to grow in a safe, steady, and sane manner.  

The results of this lack of education become apparent later in life when we are earning our own money and making our own financial decisions.  This is the time when we fall prey to what I call “whizzdumb”- information doled out by our friends, family, and the financial entertainment industry that isn’t very wise at all.  

We also watch television programs and read books that tell us things like “no pain - no gains.”  “You have to put all your money on Wall Street to get ahead.”  We learn that permanent life insurance is bad and that we should always “buy term and invest the difference.”  Slick marketing campaigns have many convinced that they must always court risk to make gains, and turn to our friends the bankers when we need a loan or a safe place to put our cash.

There are dozens and dozens of money myths which I could debunk.  Due to space limitations, however, I want to focus on just a couple of the most persistent and pernicious of those myths.

1. All you need to retire is to fully-fund your 401 K

When the current economic crisis hit, millions of ordinary Americans saw their "safe and secure" 401 K accounts losing hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. 

Unfortunately, a lot of those people were at or near retirement and had little time to recoup that lost money.

Those same people also discovered another dirty secret:

Many 401 K plans contain hidden, but very costly fees that some financial advisors fail to take into account when designing plans for their clients.

If you are one of the rare people who actually read your monthly statement, the fees may not seem significant enough to cause worry.

However, just 1% in excessive fees can hurt you... big time! 

To further compound the problem, there are many plans where the fee is charged based on a percentage of your balance.  This means that becoming a diligent saver actually HURTS you.

What if there was something you could do to help you avoid paying unnecessary fees and help you get back some of the thousands of dollars you've been giving away simply because you don't know the alternatives?

Would knowing this information help you reach your goal of having a safe, prosperous retirement?

I believe it WOULD... 

That's why I sponsor webinars and workshops to educate ordinary people on how they can become their own sources of financing for major purchases, business expansion, college tuition, etc.

Using a simple, but effective system, you can accumulate wealth more quickly and safely than you ever thought possible, and accelerate the process of getting out of debt.

Bad advice and myths share something in common: when either of them is repeated often enough and by the right people, they become so ingrained in a culture that anyone challenging them is seen as a virtual heretic.
In the world of personal finance, as in other areas of life, myths can do a lot of damage, causing people to make decisions that, given the right information, they would never ordinarily choose to make.

Another one of the most common, and in my opinion, worse pieces of financial advice I have heard over the years is the venerable and oft-repeated mantra:

2. "Buy term life insurance and invest the difference"

You've heard it on TV from those talking head financial gurus.

Or maybe it was your mom or dad, looking stern and waggling a finger in your direction as they repeated it to you.

Your significant other swears that “Warren Buffett does it this way.”

Your hair stylist, auto mechanic,  the guy down at the grocery store, are all true believers in the idea that buying term and investing on Wall Street is the way to  achieve financial security.

"Buy term life insurance and invest the difference” sounds logical, doesn’t it?

However, when you dig a little deeper, there are issues which "buy term and invest the difference" doesn’t address.

For example:

1.   Most of the term policies advocated by financial "experts" do not increase the death benefit level during the policy term. This means there is no remedy for inflation. (And I believe that inflation is bound to be much higher in the future!)

Bestselling author (Bank on Yourself) Pamela Yellen did the math and she figured it out:

A $250,000 20 year term policy, adjusted for 4% inflation, will have lost 56% of its value! 

Even policies which include an "increasing benefits rider" may not increase   at a rate that will overcome the erosive effects of inflation. 

2.   What if you lose your health during your insurance term?
Some term policies are written so that if your health deteriorates during the policy term, your renewal rates increase. If you don't renew and try to seek coverage elsewhere, you might discover that you are uninsurable - at ANY price.

3.   You can invest the difference easily enough, but you can't "time the market" or accurately predict how much money will be in your account when it comes time to retire. 

No one can possibly know the future, which, according to best-selling author  Barry Dyke (Pirates of Manhattan) is one reason that Wall Street investing is so risky and usually ends up losing you money. 

With the types of accounts I design for my clients, they always know exactly how much they have at any given time, which is absolutely crucial to planning one’s financial future accurately.

My clients don't have to worry about timing the ups and downs of the stock market and they have access to their money, when they need it.

4.   "Buy term and invest the difference" advocates usually know nothing about    the specially-designed whole life policies I use to structure my financial plans. 
The reason for this is that these policies are only written by a few select companies and have special provisions which are unlike those of traditional whole life insurance policies.

Any advisor who assists his or her clients with this type of specialized policy must have thorough training and must also be willing to forego the usual high commissions on whole life in order to make the plan work for their clients.
Thus, policies used for becoming your own personal financing source are far beyond regular whole life policies in both complexity and purpose.

5.   Most financial gurus fail to factor in the tremendous amount of money saved on interest and fees that result from implementing this type of plan.  

By financing your large purchases (ex: your car) yourself, the interest you pay ultimately benefits you, as a policy owner.  And there are no added-on fees – all fees are already taken into account in the premium you pay.  (My clients LOVE this!)  

Now, just for the record...

I believe that everyone who can afford to do so should have as much life insurance as possible. 

Term IS a great way to get more coverage for less money and if you can get term, you should have it.

However, the primary reason for getting one of the specially-designed whole life policies has little to do with the death benefit.
Instead, the idea behind these policies is to provide you with a savings and cash management vehicle that gives you growth, stability, and safety in sharp contrast to the ups and downs of the stock market. 

Also, when you use the money in your policy to make major purchases, it can continue to grow as though you hadn't touched a dime of it.  Only certain companies offer this feature, and I put my clients’ policies with those companies.

The permanent insurance you also get is just icing on the cake...

You can find out more about how to avoid paying too much money to banks and finance companies.

There are lots more financial myths that threaten your savings.  Do your own research and take action.  

 You can start by getting my free report and other valuable financial planning information now.  Just go and fill in the form to request your financial education materials.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Becoming LinkedIn"fluential"

re:after reading an old email.. I remembered just how useful this course was...

Tony F. wrote me a while back, praising Lewis Howes' Linked Influence Course..

Hi Tammy,
I bought the course already and I really liked it.
It was well done and helped me build my profile and expand my network.
I get lots of people checking out my profile and thanks to the course I am showing up in searches daily.
All of that being said, I have not goten one lead or contact from it that has brought in any business.
I was wondering if there is some way I can actually use Linked In to connect better with my potential clients?


Well, for Tony and everyone else who has that question, let me offer you some sage advice from another Linked-In expert, Jill Konrath.  Jill has been helping her clients optimize Linked In for a number of years and has a new little Ebook that I think you will find useful.

Download it by clicking on the photo:

Or, go here:

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Incredible Webinar Omnibus- For Your Viewing Pleasure

re: the definitive list of FREE webinars- watch one today!

Here are most of the free webinars and recordings I have going on right now..
Enjoy them..

How to Create Inexpensive Automated Webinars

Using Legal Shield to Protect And Grow Your Business- and Create Residual Income

How to Use Send Out Cards to Create An Automated Stay In Touch Campaign

Sending Cards- How and Why You Should Do It

How To Use Blogging to Get Your Business Noticed

Basic YOUTUBE Optimization

(Short) How to Get Perfect Abs

The Obamacare Bootcamp Overview

Obamacare Assistance page for advisors..

Cracking the Physician Code- How to Reach Out to Physicians and Get Them As Clients

Enjoy the information I have put together to help you find more prospects and clients, make more money, or become more automated and efficient.  To get notified when I add MORE of these presentations. go here and fill out the form.

If you would like your OWN customized, automated webinar that you can use as a marketing tool,,, please call me M-F (Pacific time) or email me to discuss your customized, automated,. optimized and  HOSTED webinar on any topic.  (yes, I can even work around compliance issues!)

Tammy de Leeuw
IMtoolsuite Demo and Trial

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why You Can COUNT On This Industry to Keep Growing

re: webinar on Tuesday, April 23rd

by Tammy de Leeuw
Marketing Blend-o-Matic

be sure to join us for this free special event 

The late forties to early 50's is the time when most people are the MOST interested in their health and well-being.

A study conducted by Ohio State University in 2012 showed that people in their early to mid 50's were at their peak awareness and interest when it comes to health-related issues.

"Fifty is the age Americans are told they need to undergo a variety of health screenings,"  For example, people are often told that they should get a colonoscopy, mammogram and -- until recently -- a PSA test for prostate cancer when they turn 50." stated lead researcher John Dimmick.
Researchers see a trend toward transitioning to a healthy lifestyle that will only be heightened by the implementation of healthcare reforms.  

Find out you can profit from the continuing revolution in  health, wellness, fitness, and longevity awareness.

These types of businesses are set to see a dramatic increase in profitability over the next few years and if you know what to look for in a company, you too can profit, even if all you want to do is create a secondary stream of income.

Our presenter, Dr. Joe Porreca is a Pennsylvania-based chiropractor and has been a licensed chiropractor since 1985 and runs his practice in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania.

He holds degrees from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from California University of Pennsylvania and has post graduate studies in nutrition and other other fields of science.

An outspoken advocate for wellness, Dr. Porreca is a sought-after presenter at conferences and symposiums across the nation.

On this webinar, Dr. Joe will show you how people in all kinds of businesses are finding an ethical and profitable business model they can use to help their clients look and feel better.

If you have ever thought you'd like to find a great side business. or a way to replace your current income.. or even something new to attract more boomers and GenX people to your business.. then you need to be on this call.

How You Can Profit From Explosive Growth in the Wellness Industry

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Using Linked In As A Surgical Tool...

re: Great article from Jill Konrath: 5 Ways to Use Linked In For Prospecting

Finding the Prospecting Needle In the LinkedIn Haystack.

When we did our 2013 Sales & LinkedIn survey, lots of people shared their thoughts and strategies about how they were using LinkedIn. I love what Paul Meyers had to say:

"I use Linkedin as a surgical tool when I need to ferret out a very specific individual decision maker within an organization – the guy who holds the purse strings. Since their staff is well trained to keep annoying sales guys away, LinkedIn helps me find them."

That is so true today. Everyone wants to keep you out! As you saw in my recent 2 Ways to Use LinkedIn Serach to Find Prospect Names video, the Advanced Search function is a great place to start your research.

Here are 5 ways your colleagues use LinkedIn for prospecting. Hopefully it'll give you some fresh ideas you can use today!

1. Find Surprise Opportunities | Mike Osterhaudt
"I search for companies in the "people" field. This gives me a list of people who work or have worked in that company. I then narrow it by location and job description.
Then, I also look where people have worked before they were at their current job. By doing this, I’ve found many other companies (who are now my customers) that I didn’t even know existed before."

(see the rest here:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to Write Reviews That Help You Make Profitable Connections

by Tammy de Leeuw
"The Grouchy Marketing Lady"

If you or someone you know is running a small business or working as a self-employed professional, you might be aware of how difficult it has become to rise above the clutter and get yourself FOUND without spending a fortune on marketing.

That under-used method of lead generation is simple: learn how to write and post useful and informative reviews on YELP, directories, and other consumer websites.

Even though YELP is somewhat controversial among business owners, it is still a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website and get you found in local searches, especially mobile searches.

Not only can you create loads of good will by accurately evaluating local businesses, especially those with whom you already do business, you can also subtly promote your own business within the review... 

For example: a typical sales person or business-to-business marketer might have 200 or more business clients.  It's always a good idea to keep business in the family, so it makes sense to (1) patronize your business clients whenever possible (2) write reviews about your experiences.

The same goes for establishments with whom you WANT to business.

Say you sell widgets to restaurants and you really, really want to add Steve's Fried Chicken and Biscuits to your list of clients.  

Doesn't it make sense to become a regular, HAPPY customer of Steve's and get yourself known by the management and employees, etc?

Once you've done that, and found a couple of Steve's menu items that you really like, then you need to write a useful, informative review on YELP or  a directory such as SmartGuy or both.  

You can also add reviews to Google Local and other directories.

Here are a few Tips for Writing Reviews

1.Be SPECIFICThe more accurate details you include, the more helpful the reviews.


   "The highlight of my experience at Steve's is the golden, fluffy-as-clouds biscuits,
  emhanced by a dollop of creamy butter and a little local honey."

NOT THIS: "Steve's biscuits are very good."

2. Offer "insider" information.   Let people in on the special information you know about this business. 


"Steve's has many "secret items" not found on the regular menuI like the SPECIAL NUMBER THREE- which is broiled chicken legs with spicy peanut sauce.

NOT THIS: "You can order many off-the-menu items at Steve's."

3. Discuss best times to go, parking, long lines, etc.


"Steve's is located right next to the SuperPlex Movie Theatre so parking can be a challenge, particularly on the weekends.  I have learned the best time to go without parking being an issue is Wednesdays from 11AM-9PM.

NOT: "Parking bites big time, be prepared."

4.Avoid giving too many stars. 

If your reviewed business or service really, really merits it (and ONLY IF) give the business the highest rating.  Otherwise, it is best to give 3's or 4's. 

Why? Because when a ratings site (Yelp in particular) notices that every business you review is 5-stars, your credibility as a reviewer is undermined.

If the client or prospect questions you as to why you didn't give 5 stars, tell them the truth: "The more honest I am with reviews, the fewer HIGHEST ratings I give, the more powerful and effective my ratings are (and the less I look like your schill!)"

5.Be honest...but fair. 

If you have a bad experience at one of your clients' businesses, be sure to:

1. Accurately evaluate the cause of the incident (ex: not enough employees working, equipment malfunction, weather, etc.) 

2. Give them a chance to fix the problem before you write a review. Mention the issue casually to the owner without sounding accusatory or critical.  "Steve, I noticed you were really shorthanded Saturday night when I came in.  If you are looking for reliable help, I know a couple of college students who are looking for work." 

3. Give the business a second try before reviewing.

Never, ever write a review unless you have tried the establishment at least twice with identical bad results.   While you do want to be honest, don't review any of your clients' businesses unless you are sure you can honestly give at least 3 stars.  

If you publish a bad review you are apt to lose a customer and make an enemy, which is the opposite of what you are trying to do.

6. Do include YOUR BUSINESS website URL and phone #.  

This will help the business easily identify the fact that it was you who gave them the glowing review.  Also, if people who read the review wonder who you are... you might get a lead from them as well.

A little-used technique which I have found that WORKS is to include the URLS for video reviews you have done, videos you have taken of the business in action, or their own informational videos. 

Lots of people don't realize you can put hyperlinks (http:) inside your review.  So, if you have, let's say, a food blog and you have more info on Steve's or some videos or photos, whatever.  You can say something in your review to that effect.  Be sure to include the full URL

7.Be humorous and entertaining whenever possible. 

If your client is a funeral home or a crime scene cleanup company, this may not be do-able. 

For all other businesses, however, you should aim for maximum information, entertainment, and a chuckle or two.  Check out my own YELP review for my new dentist.

Even a negative review can be softened by the use of irony and humor.

I had a horrible customer service experience at a local food place. (third poor experience and it wasn't a charm!) so I wrote a little review to vent my frustration. 

Remember; don't do this for clients’ and prospects’ businesses.  They WILL see it and they probably won't be too pleased.

8. NAME Names.(first name only, however) 

Was your waiter excellent?  Cashier more helpful than usual?  Staff able to answer your every question?  

WRITE THIS: "Steve's cashier, Mindy, was polite, smiling, and extremely efficient.  

DON’T WRITE THIS: “The staff was friendly.”

9: Be a regular contributor and invite your clients to follow you on YELP

It’s easy to see why this is a great idea for everyone!

10. Give your reviews "legs." 

Make a copy of every review you do and place into a file folder.  When you find other local review sites, you can then copy and paste your review into that site as well.  Saves you time!

Taking a little bit of time to master online reviewing and incorporate it into your daily marketing efforts will pay off in unexpected and profitable ways.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Better living through music...Amy Courts

by Tammy "Grouchy Marketing Lady" de Leeuw
Monkeywrenches, Mayhem, Madness and Marketing

I first saw Amy Courts at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco a few years ago, opening up for Jennifer Knapp and apparently having a great time in so doing,

Honestly,  I had never heard of  Ms.Courts, and when she took her place at the microphone that evening, I  couldn't help thinking "Oh, great another angst-washed, overly sincere girl indie singer opening act."

After a few notes, however,  I knew how off base my assessment had been.

Courts' pure and honest voice, evocative lyrics, and wry humor were the perfect  opening act for Knapp.  In fact, in some respects,  she plain outshone Grammy-nominated Knapp, who, to her credit, looked on approvingly and seemed to encourage Courts to upstage her.

It turned out to be one of my all-time favorite small venue concerts.

Today, Amy Courts is busy, as are many of us, juggling the responsibilities of being a wife and mother, striving to maintain her artistic integrity in an industry bent on destroying it for the sake of a quick buck, and staying healthy and fit and away from (most?) rock and roll vices.

Those of us sick and tired of tired of factory farmed music, with its' emphasis on the ubiquitous, memorable hook (no one really knows what the song is about, but if you hum a few bars- we can fake it)  its' lack of real emotion and depth, and nails-on-chalkboard repetitiveness (think: Bruno Mars four times in an hour!) would do well to support artists such as Amy Courts. 

Check out Amy's offerings here and if you like what you hear- be sure to send a donation to help her keep making great tunes.

Go here to hear some of Amy's finest work:

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Don't Lose the Data

re: Building a capture page- some important tips

by Tammy de Leeuw
"The Grouchy Marketing Lady"

I spend a lot of time on the internet.  I mean, a LOT of time, and I probably see between 50-100 different websites each day.

Yet I find, much to my surprise, that a great many of these sites (some of them artistic masterpieces) lack a basic mechanism for capturing data.

I mean, after all, isn't the purpose of building a good website, blog, or capture page to entice others into stopping long enough to interact with YOUR company?

That's where a good lead capture page can come in handy  If you feel your main website is just to aesthetically pleasing to contemplate an opt-in form, you can always create a capture page that you can link to your main site, or use as a standalone lead generation tool.

9 Capture Page Best Practices

Here are some tips to help you create landing pages that stand out for all the right reasons, and make your prospects WANT to give up their information.

1. Develop engaging, personal, relevant, and useful content.  In the photo of, you can see that part of the content comes in the form of a video.  In 
   fact, in these days of diminishing attention spans, short videos with "tips or tricks" or even well-
   done testimonials, can be useful.  The video should make them want to learn more. "Want to know
   the rest of the story?  Fill out the form you see on this page and you can get my ___________.
  (free  report, audio recording, DVD, article, etc.)

2. Including a WRITTEN article can also help.  This could be a long form article, like the one you
    see on the buffbod page, or it could be a partial article that links back to your website or blog.

3. Put your MOST IMPORTANT content at the top, what some designers call "above the 
    If getting them to opt in for your free catalog is the reason for the page, then visitors shouldn't
    have to waste time scrolling to the bottom of the page in order to do so.

4. Take advantage of the power of visuals, including charts, photos, and videos.. but resist the
    temptation to go overboard and clutter up your page.  Simple, clean visuals such as product
    previews can actually increase your page's effectiveness, sometimes by as much as 300%.

5. Compelling headlines can stop someone from surfing past your offer.  Use them.

6 Impeccable, perfect spelling and grammar.
   If you outsource your pages to a foreign country, it's up to you to ensure that things are spelled
   correctly, that the grammar is correct, and that sentences  requiring subtlety and nuance actually
   it.  The Grammar Police are watching you!

7. Judicious use of links.  Ever see those capture pages and websites where every other word has
    been turned into a hyperlink?  Don't do that...

8. Visuals need to relate to the content.  Don't try and "fool" search engines by putting a sexy
    swimsuit model photo on your page selling pet supplies.  People get upset when then click on a
    a photo that takes them to a completely unrelated page.  Even if they DO opt-in, they probably
   aren't the kind of prospect for which you were looking.

9. Make sure ALL your graphics, videos, and photos are fully optimized for search.
    There is a whole lot of information on how to do this available on the internet.  You need to take
    time to  learn it, even if someone else does your SEO.   ANYTHING you can do to help you
    get found more easily is worth the effort.

For a GREAT checklist of all the things that make a perfect landing page, check out this article:


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Like Pulling Teeth...

re: found this great little video on entrepreneurial creativity from Scott Ginsberg

Video not working? Click here for Adobe Flash 9!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Express Your Gratitude...On Video

re: giving before getting..a novel idea

by Tammy de Leeuw "The Grouchy Marketing Lady"

So often, business owners tend to think in terms of "getting referrals" rather than how we can ourselves can get better at  GIVING them.

I had the privilege of spending an afternoon this week with Nicola Stauder and Mary Evans, a couple of Isagenix executives from the Montana-based JUST CLEANSE group who were in California for a few days.

Both of these exceptional business-builders have realized, through intuition and experience, that the best way to break down barriers, create good will, and generate quality referrals, is to give honest and sincere reviews of products and services they use and enjoy.

For example, after a massage session with Melissa Kirk of Brentwood Massage and Vitality spa, Nicola was eager to give a video testimonial about her massage, which she said was "an out of this world experience."

You don't have to prattle on and on or spew out globs of hyperbole and cliches to be effective at communicating your passion.  The best reviews are short, sweet, sincere.. and occasionally humorous.

Nicola, in keeping with her "to the point personality",  did two video testimonials for Melissa, both of which were well under one minute, but still conveyed her sincere appreciation of a job well done.

Reciprocity is the inevitable result of investing your time, energy, and good intentions in others.  Whenever you get the chance (especially if you are LOCAL business) you should take a few minutes to give props to the others who make your life richer and more interesting,

And, whenever you can... use video.  It does a much better job communicating your sincerity and honesty than either written reviews or audio recordings.

Check out both reviews here:

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beyond the Pink: Taking Hold of the New "Sheconomy"

re: women- influence growing in all segments- how can you TAP into it?

by Tammy de Leeuw
Blended Marketing Grand Poohbah

If you're a male business owner looking for more clients and you continue to be transaction focused (as opposed to relationship-based), I have some news for you...

The women are coming!

Consider for a moment these statistics recently published in TIME magazine:

  • Women now hold about HALF of all non-farm jobs in the United States
  • They own nearly one third of all companies
  • 35% of all women ages 25-29 hold a bachelor's degree or higher
  • In 47 of the 50 largest US metro areas, single, childless women earn MORE than their male counterparts
  • They spend over 58% of all retail dollars spent in the US
  • They make 80% of all healthcare decisions
  • They comprise 44% of the NFL fan base

According to Harvard Business Review, women represent a growth market bigger than China and India combined—more than twice as big!

The Nielsen Company has been paying close attention to this trend.   

Doug Anderson, SVP, Research & Development, writing in the Nielsen Wire, points out:

"Over the next five years, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) estimates that the global incomes of women will grow from $13 trillion to $18 trillion. That incremental $5 trillion is nearly twice the growth in GDP expected from China ($4.4 to $6.6 trillion) and India ($1.2 trillion to $1.8 trillion) combined. Globally, women are the biggest emerging market ever seen. Overall, men earn nearly twice as much money as women today, but that gap will shrink as more women enter the labor force and at higher wages than ever before. The vast majority of new income growth over the next ten years will come from women."

Anderson (accurately, I think) observes that in spite of growing awareness of this closing gap, marketers still don't get the implications of a female-dominated economy.

Even though women influence 65% of buying decisions, says Anderson, they..."feel vastly undeserved by marketers," with few solutions and products designed specifically for them.

Michael Silverstein and Kate Sayre of the Harvard Business Review lament marketers' feeble attempts to reach out to women by "beautifying" their marketing messages and products.  In their 2009 article, "The Female Economy." they write:

“Despite the remarkable strides in market power and social position that they have made in the past century, they still appear undervalued in the marketplace and underestimated in the workplace. Few companies have responded to their need for time-saving solutions or for products and services designed specifically for them”, write Silverstein and Sayre in the Harvard Business Review. In many cases, rather than truly listening to their female consumers, marketers have opted for the “make it pink” strategy." (

It's the World's Largest Opportunity... to FAIL

Pointing again to the "make it purty and them gals will buy it" attitudes pervasive in sales and marketing, Silverstein and Sayre observe that even large companies who ought to know better, such as Dell Computers, have failed in their efforts to successfully market products and services to women.

In an ill-fated bid to attract more women customers, Dell attempted to make laptops especially for women.

"...  The company fell into the classic “make it pink” mind-set with the May 2009 launch of its Della website. The site emphasized colors, computer accessories, and tips for counting calories and finding recipes. It created an uproar among women, who described it as “slick but disconcerting” and “condescending.” The blogosphere reacted quickly to the company’s “very special site for women.” Austin Modine of the online tech publication The Register responded acidly, “If you thought computer shopping was a gender-neutral affair, then you’ve obviously been struck down by an acute case of female hysteria. (Nine out of ten Victorian-age doctors agree.)” The New York Times said that Dell had to go to the “school of marketing hard knocks.”  

Pumped Up by The Recession- A New Sheconomy Arrives

Other business writers are documenting similar failures of companies to understand the implications of the new "sheconomy."

Writing in Forbes, Nancy Bauer, Marlene Greenfield, Stephen Kraus urge companies to acknowledge and profit from new ascendency of women in the new economy.

Businesses must, first and foremost, stop pretending. The reality is that many marketing campaigns are still terribly out of step, and continue to be designed on the premise of the bread-winning male head-of-household. She’s here. She’s in charge. Get used to it. Whether you are selling a car, a vacation, a mutual fund, toothpaste, or health care – you’d better talk to her."

But, say the Forbes writers, businesses better do a whole lot more than just talk to women- they need to carefully craft products and services that help them organize their time, take care of  their health and fitness, and lead their families to make important financial, educational, and  lifestyle decisions.

Businesses have to stop acting as if  this is a passing fad and that women don't really have control over purchasing decisions.  They need to stop churning out outdated marketing that promotes female stereotypes and talks down to women and provide both great quality and value.

The New Frontier- How Will YOUR Business Profit?

Beyond the stereotypes is the reality that today's women as a whole expect companies  to offer SUBSTANCE over STYLE and real engagement over superficial interactions.

“Sell the sizzle, not the steak” was sales advice invented by a man in the 1930s, when predominantly male salesforces sold to predominantly male clientele, say  Bauer, Greenfield, and Kraus.

Women want and need a whole lot more than sizzle.  Multiple surveys and polls confirm the idea that women prefer to make decisions based on science, research, and sound information versus fluff and hype, perhaps a direct reflection of the fact that more and more women are completing higher levels of education.

Marketers and business owners simply cannot afford to ignore this gravitation toward utility, functionality, and systematic approaches to problem by female decision-makers.

Women are, are according to a study by the Center for Women’s Business Research, quite happy and willing to be risk-takers, provided they thoroughly understand how a loan or investment strategy works and they know all of their options.

They aren't afraid to turn to others for advice, and are, amazingly to some, more likely than men to embrace technology to help their businesses become more productive,efficient and profitable.

So, knowing all this, is your business prepared to re-tool its' marketing efforts accordingly?  Are you willing to do what it takes to capitalize on the increasing influence of women in the marketplace?
Will you embrace new ideas and methodologies that will help tell your story in a way that resonates with women?

Or, will you continue to "think pink" and flounder in a dramatically changing marketplace?

In future blog posts, I will give you, step by step, some real solutions to help you take hold of and profit from, one of the biggest worldwide demographic shifts ever- the transition to a "sheconomy."

PS: Want a peek ahead?  Go here and see one of the ways you can learn to reach out to the millions of women who can profit from having a relationship with your company.
It's social media...done the RIGHT way.