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re: from the folks at "Trial and Heirs"

Estate planning and asset protection
made fun!

Regardless of how much money you make, you can profit from the mistakes of the rich and famous.

Authors and estate attorneys Danielle and Andy Mayoras have an informative and dishy little newsletter on asset protection and estate planning that you can get for free.

It's entertaining and instructive  and you can get yours now by going here:

Friday, November 6, 2015


re: a special webinar for insurance agents, financial advisors, CPA's
Topic: A PROVEN Strategy to Get More Business Owner and Senior Clients 
Presenter: Rick Liuag
Presenter: Innovative Brokerage Network
Host: Tammy de Leeuw

The Affordable Care Act has created the greatest financial services marketing bonanza EVER. In this webinar I'll explain WHY that is, and how YOU can use our proven, proprietary system to generate more business owner and senior leads who are interested and motivated to learn more about, annuities, Medicare, Health, Supplemental Health or whatever else you might sell.
In this short but informative webinar you'll learn:
  • What agents are doing to generate business owner and senior prospects via the buzz surrounding the ACA 
  • How our proven & proprietary system can separate you from ALL the competition in your market
  • How to get CPA to WANT to partner with you

We won't be running these webinars much longer, so if you are an agent or advisor who wants to get in front of more business owners and'll definitely want to attend one of these sessions.

Go here now to register:

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015

You Can't Just Flip A Switch and Shut It Off...

by Tammy de Leeuw
Blender of Marketing Cocktails

You can't shut off this part of your brain...

For better or worse and  it spite of our best efforts to remain "intellectually aloof,"  we just can't stop our brains from reacting to signs, symbols, and slogans.

Study after study proves that, like it or not, humans unconsciously react to the familiar logos and taglines we see hundreds of times each day.

No matter how much we try and control it, our brains tend to link pleasurable or profitable experiences with familiar visuals.

For example, my late grandmother was an avid Coca Cola drinker. (yuck!)
 I seldom saw her without a Coke in her hand, or a couple of cases of the stuff in the kitchen.  Now, many years later, I find myself thinking of her whenever I see the Coke logo... and I can't help it.

Advertisers know this.  They spend millions ensuring that their products make their way into your favorite movies and television programs because they know your brain will link the film you enjoy with whatever product the protagonist was consuming for breakfast.   Tom Cruise isn't swilling a certain brand of orange juice for his health, you know.

Companies also trip over themselves to secure ad space on NASCARS, driver suits, helmets, steering wheels...anywhere a logo sticker can be plastered.  They aren't doing this out of kindness or from a love of racing.  They know that it WORKS.

Tons of books and articles  have been written on this topic and you should check them out when you get a chance.  It's pretty fascinating stuff and it can really help you craft a message that speaks to your unique audience or identifies your product or service with warm, fuzzy, positive experiences.

But, I've been told that "branding" is a waste of time and money.  In fact, Tammy, YOU have said that!

You're right.  I have said on many occasions that branding yourself like Coke or Nike is a huge waste of your marketing budget.  Most of us don't have nearly the millions it takes to establish and maintain a brand that sticks in the deepest recesses of the brain.

However, there are some inexpensive and effective ways you can ASSOCIATE yourself with top brands and piggyback off their success.

For instance, if you have a large mailing list or social media network, you could become an affiliate partner with a major company or celebrity.  Affiliate networks are all over the internet and a surprising number of corporations have affiliate and joint venture programs.  This means you could promote popular products using a banner or logo on your website and become "linked" with them in the minds of your readers.
This kind of association is what creates the feelings of reciprocity and loyalty that NASCAR sponsors have come to value.  "Tide sponsors my favorite driver, therefore I should buy Tide."

You could also advertise your product or service during a popular television or radio program or on the blog or podcast of a celebrity.   For example, you could find the local Dr. Phil broadcast or Hannity or Alex Jones podcast and buy ad space.  Playing your ads over and over on these programs links you to them in the minds of listeners.

The least expensive, and often most effective way to bypass the "croc brain" and cause your audience to perceive you as a trusted authority,  is through the use of "media citations."
These are popping up all over the internet, especially on financial, insurance, and consulting websites.

Most media citations, contrary to what you may think, are legitimate and are acquired in a variety of ways such as:

1.Being an invited guest.  Nothing gives cred quite like "As seen on Oprah."  This is the hardest way to earn a media badge, but probably the coolest.  You generally need to hire a full time media coach to get you on a major network show, which can cost $5,000 or more.

2. Becoming a sponsor.  Many programs allow their sponsors to use the show logo on their websites and collateral.  This is good for the program and... good for you.    Depending on which geographic area you are targeting and the ratings of your chosen program, you could easily spend $10,000 or more a month.

3. Writing a press release and sending it out .  This takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.. but it can work.  You will have to write the release yourself (not as easy as it sounds), find a list of media contacts and their emails, and send it out. And, most important of all, you will need to follow up...and follow up...and follow up until an outlet decides to publish your release.  It may take up to six months of frustration before anyone pays attention to your release.  Even then, the major news outlets will probably ignore it.  Remember: One CBS "eye" is worth ten thousand mentions in the Baltimore Daily Shopper.

The best option for some of you, in my opinion, is the lowest cost option:  Purchase a PR campaign from an established agency  and let them do all the work.  Most campaigns include a custom press release and submission to hundreds of top tier news outlets with whom they have relationships.

The usual cost for this is anywhere from $1,000 and up.  However, if any of you are interested, I know a way to get your press release written and distributed to as many as 1,200 outlets for under $500!

This is not for everyone.  The agency with whom I partner only wants people who have something to say, unusual and useful products or services, movies, books, live tours, etc.

Don't expect to be able to use them if all you are doing is shameless self-promotion.  You need to be able to say something that adds value, is a little "contrarian," or benefits mankind.  

In other words, doing or saying something that is different and exciting or controversial will go a long way in getting the attention of the media.

If this describes you, then give me a call or shoot me an email.  As I said, this won't work if what you have is the same old same old.  It's great, though, for those of you who have something out of the ordinary to contribute.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

October 14 Webinar Spills the Beans on Obamacare for Seniors and Business Owners...Don't Miss it!

re: what everyone needs to know about Obamacare

Wednesday, October 14th 10AM Pacific, Noon Central, 1PM Eastern

If you are a #businessowner, retiree, or senior on #Medicare...
then you need to understand the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and how it will affect you and potentially your retirement income.

Join our guest expert, Rick Liuag, as he discusses some of the most important parts of this legislation, how it could spell disaster for seniors in retirement, and how business owners don't know they have choices when it comes to providing health insurance.

Everyone who registers will get an e-copy of Rick's popular book "You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat," and some other great information that will help you blunt some of the negative effects of the ACA.

Learn more and reserve your spot now at:

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New Webinar: Spend 45 Minutes with An Attorney.. without getting a bill!

re: August 27 webinar announced

If you own ANYTHING
Drive a car
Have a dog

You will benefit from my next webinar..
Be there!

As of April 2011, there were 1,225,452 licensed attorneys in the United States (254,580 in California alone!) That fact should be enough to make everyone take a good, hard look at asset protection. Lots of sharks and not enough chum= LAWSUIT CITY and your pockets don't have to be that deep to get emptied. 

Then there's divorce which can also contribute to empty coffer syndrome, along with tax woes, health issues, bankruptcy. 

You name it- there are a ton of diseases ready to afflict the little nest egg you've managed to squirrel away, and your clients, friends, and family face the same risks- no matter how much money they have or don't have. 

In part two of my ongoing series on MAXIMUM CYA, I have invited prominent Orange County, CA estate planning attorney and litigator James Burns, JD. James is a highly-regarded (as much as any lawyer can be- ha!) insurance advisor, tax planner, and estate designer and author of The 3 Secret Pillars of Wealth, The Three Secret Pillars of Asset Protection, Tax Free Income for Life, and several others. 

In this webinar, James will continue the important discussion of how and why you should be protecting your wealth, how best to do so, and how those of you who are advisors or agents can work to help your clients build better defenses around their wealth. James will also discuss the new fiduciary rules and how they will inevitably affect insurance agents and other advisors. 

You don't want to miss this one!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Most recent webinars...Including the Obamacare Bootcamp for Advisors webinar

*if you want to be considered for the new agent group, you MUST own the bootcamp. (this makes sense when you think about it)  The new package is $100 off and includes full licensing rights to the material.

Below: Asset protection is for everyone!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 30th Webinar: How Annuity and Life Agents Can Sell More Using HSA's and Obamacare

re: don't miss this one.

FREE Copy  of the book for all attendees

For many Americans enrolled in qualified plans, the tax-advantaged medical savings accounts known as Health Savings Accounts (HSA) could prove to be critical in the event of a major illness or accident. For small business owners, HSA's could wind up creating an even greater tax advantage. 

HSA's have been around for years, but most Americans either don't know about them or they don't know how such plans could help them save more money for retirement. 

In this webinar we will discuss: What HSA's are and how they work and how advisors and agents can use HSA's and Obamacare to break the ice with potential clients.

Rick Liuag was slightly ahead of his time when he did the first Obamacare bootcamp workshops. But now, with the broader effects of the ACA upon us, people are realizing that healthcare planning is ESSENTIAL if they want to avoid adverse financial outcomes in retirement. 

Healthcare, Medicare, and Obamacare are all hot topics and can lift you out of the "same old same old" sphere and into a more visible online and offline presence. 

Rick has put his money where his mouth is and has TESTED this marketing. In the webinar, he'll tell you exactly what is working that is helping him get more appointments and close more life and annuity sales. 

*All attendees will get a digital copy of Rick's book 

"You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat."

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Elizabeth Warren Is Watching Out for YOU... (not)

re:keeping the world safe from insurance agents... one Ned Ryerson at a time

by Tammy de Leeuw
Blended Marketing Visibility Maven

You've probably seen the classic movie Ground Hog Day,  the 1993 film that re-invigorated interest in Sonny and Cher, taught us that toasters in bath tubs are not a good idea, and introduced the world to Ned "the Bull" Ryerson, insurance agent extraordinaire.

In Ned Ryerson was the universal insurance agent stereotype:annoying and pushy; a subhuman species of sales person begging to be mocked.

Ned was the guy we had fun rooting against; a clueless product pusher trying to sell us something we neither wanted nor needed.  Everyone in the audience chuckled to see Bill Murray going out of his way to avoid Ned.

That stereotype persists despite the amazing public service provided by most insurance agents, and the fact that the average person needs an agent's expertise in order to navigate increasingly complex products.

It's little wonder then, that insurance agents and advisors are easy fodder for politicians trying to make a names for themselves as crusaders for the public good.

The latest to don a cape and rail against the "abuses" foisted on the public by insurance agents is Elizabeth "Waiting for my chance to be President," Warren.

If you haven't kept up with Liz's crusades against the fixed annuity industry... you should.
Even if you personally hate fixed annuities, you should be very, very concerned about yet another government attempt to fix that which is not broken.

If you are in the industry you should also be concerned about those who continue to use the insurance industry as a whipping boy to further their own political advancement.

It's no secret that Elizabeth wants to be president some day.  It's also no secret she will throw an entirely legitimate profession under the bus in order to achieve that goal.

Read more, get mad, do what you can to stop it...

But whatever else you do, start thinking of ways you can protect your wealth and that of your clients from the erosive effects of nanny state legislation.

If you haven't done so yet, check out the replay of our asset protection webinar.

PS:  Here are links to some articles, both pro and con, on the "fiduciary threat."

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Easy and Quick Way To Create Social Media Content

re:  Made a short video

I made you a short video outlining how to use Pizap to create social media content that is visually striking and gets you noticed.  Enjoy!

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Seminar Dilemma..

by Tammy de Leeuw
Mistress of the Marketing Blend
Visibility Coach

Most of us in the selling professions have realized that getting invited to speak or being able to participate in a conference is the cheapest, most effective way to gather warm leads.

When those invitations aren't forthcoming...seminars can be a useful tool and have been used for many years to attract prospects and buyers.

Unfortunately, the success rates for educational seminars have hit a flat spot in the past five years or so, which I believe to be the direct result of some of the inherent limitations of seminar selling.

1.Logistics and planning are time consuming and often frustrating.  A well-planned event can take several months to execute. If you are a solo practitioner, you may find yourself short-changing your existing clients in the quest to gain new ones.  There is, after all, only so much of you to go around.

2. Seminars tend to be expensive.  I have been told by many in the industry that it is not uncommon to spend upwards of $5,000 for a dinner seminar.  This is a rather risky investment considering the fact that many advisors are lucky to have 10 people show up.  Of those ten, perhaps 1-2 will make appointments.  It is not uncommon to do 2-3 seminars without selling anything.

The risk of overspending on a seminar is very real and people who invest in them can experience heart-palpitating stress; feeling compelled to make the seminar pay matter what.

This is where what best-selling author Oren Klaff calls the "croc brain," comes in.   The "croc" or "lizard" brain is the primitive gateway which helps prevent us from harming ourselves.  It acts as a stone wall defense against threats both real and perceived.

One such threat to our survival is "neediness."  When a person senses neediness or desperation in another person, he or she is more than likely to flee the situation.  The croc brain sees any signs of neediness as a signal that another person is trying to take something away, rather than than bring value.

This is the primary reason that the more you try and CLOSE after a seminar, the more your prospects tend to  RUN AWAY.   In your desperation to achieve a return on your investment, you have positioned yourself as the one thing your prospect's brain hates the most- someone who is trying to harm the brain's owner.

Another reason seminars don't perform as well as in the past is that that every subsequent generation of would-be buyers is more sophisticated than the preceding one.  They tend to research more, watch more information videos, and ask more questions.  Because they are inundated with marketing messages, it is difficult to break through and reach them.  Dismal stats for direct mail invitations bear this out.
Unless you position your seminar as something "sexy, exciting, and different," people will automatically decide that it's nothing but a sales pitch.  If they do manage to show up, it will be to sop up the vittles and drink at the no-host bar.  Not to do business with you.

Is buying leads an alternative or complement to seminars?

 Many #advisors and #insurance agents have asked me for ways to improve seminar performance.  In the coming months, I will be presenting a few of the things I have found that will work.

Buying quality leads from a reputable vendor can be one way to (1) increase seminar attendance and success and (2) provide a source of appointments in between seminars.

A good lead company (these are rare, I realize, but they do exist)  will charge between $125-$175 per lead and a professional who knows how to correctly work a lead will usually close at least one of those.

In other words, spending $1,750 on decent leads could very well yield as much or more as spending $5,000 on a seminar. And surely spending $1,750 is a lot less anxiety-producing than $5,000.

One company that I have used for leads belongs to former broker Scott Brooks.  You should check it out.
To Listen to the recorded conference call: Dial - (559) 726-1099 Enter Access Code - 183341#

When they ask for an ID # just wait for the "most recent recording"option and hit #

To get the paperwork, either call me at 925-776-4368 or go to this link to download 

Questions specific to your area of the country or practice? email

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Using Linked In To Get High Net Worth #Leads- Webinar reveals all...

Get Your free copy now!

re: Linked In can be a bonanza for high net worth leads...

by Tammy de Leeuw
"The Visibility Coach"

In our next webinar series, financial services pro and Linked In expert Jeremiah Desmarais will show you exactly how financial advisors, annuity pros, CPA's, and other financial services professionals use Linked In to attract higher quality prospects.

Many of you may be on Linked In already, but from what I have observed, only a handful of you see the potential of what has become the largest gathering place on the internet for business owners and professional services providers.

In this webinar, Jeremiah will show you how, in less than a half hour per day, you can make valuable connections on Linked In and connect with those who want and need your services and expertise.

He will also give you a free copy of his popular report that outlines just a few of the insider tips you need to know in order make Linked In pay off for you.

I've been using Linked In for years to find new joint venture partners, so I can tell you: it's worth the time and effort.  However, as long as I have used it, I still learn something new every time I hear Jeremiah speak.

So, don't miss your chance to discover how to maximize Linked In and grow your own network of qualified individuals with whom you can share your unique solutions.

PS: The techniques Jeremiah discusses can be tweaked to work for ANY business.  Even if you are not in financial services, you are welcome to join us.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Obamacare Webinar for Agents and Advisors: 2015 Update

re: webinar

If you've been wondering what is going on with the Affordable Care Act lately.. You should check this webinar out right now:

Rick Liuag will bring you up to speed on what many of your clients, friends, and family members are experiencing right now due to Obamacare changes.

Not only will Rick discuss the changes, but he will also show you exactly how he is leveraging Obamacare to reach out to more qualified clients.

Don't miss this one!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The best time to buy leads...

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Monday, January 19, 2015

re: short slide show with some tips on using Linked In groups

Linked In can be an amazing tool for connecting with the right kinds of clients.
If you want to maximize its' effectiveness, I can't recommend  LINKEDINFLUENCE
enough.  If you get this course and USE it, you WILL become an expert at
using Linked In to get the kinds of clients your business wants and needs.

Check it out here: