Ragin' Gainst the Machine, Baby!

re: Song for Ben

Hey, Hey, I’m Bernanke- sung to the tune of the Monkeys’ Theme Song:
“Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkeys”

Here I come, walkin’ down the street
I’m an A-list player
I don’t have to sneak

Hey, hey, I’m Bernanke
Haters like to push me around
But I’m too busy printing
To take a good look around

I print whenever I want to
I do what I like to do
I don’t have time to feel restless
Cause there’s so much left to do

Hey, hey, I’m Bernanke
People say I monkey around
Tryin’ to fix the train wreck
While chumps try and put me down

I’m just tryin’ to be Keynesian
Listen now to what I say
You’re the lost generation
And now you’re gonna pay

Anytime, anywhere
Just look over your shoulder
You’ll see me printing there

Hey, hey I’m Bernanke
Trying to avoid the cliff
Printing more bogus money
It’ll be there in a jiff!

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