Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bring a bit of "FRESH" to your event and seminar lineups...

re; have an eventful 2017

by Tammy de Leeuw

If you are an advisor, CPA, insurance agent, etc.. you probably feel pretty hamstrung with the weight of new and old regulatory issues hanging over your head.  Add to that increased IRS scrutiny of just about every tax solution you offer your clients and it's enough to make advisors want to walk away from even very lucrative practices.

For most of you, having to send in every marketing piece you create- from seminar slides to envelopes to articles and photos, is a huge (and often totally unnecessary) pain.

So... what else can you do, right now, to put yourself in contact with more of the kinds of prospects for whom you can provide solutions?

It's the same thing I have been telling you for years-- EVENT MARKETING.   

There's a lot to love about event marketing, including:

1, If done properly, it is almost always free of compliance issues.
2. Even though it's a lot of work- it can be a lot of fun.
3. Events can help you achieve "good citizen" status by allowing you to give back to your community.
4. Producing or sponsoring events can help you raise awareness of, and funds for, your favorite non-profit.
5, Events can reduce your cost of qualified leads substantially.
6. Many events can be done for a third less than a typical dinner seminar.

Three event types that can make you stand out from the competition

1."Green events"  These include electronic waste disposal days, "SHREDDER" parties, dump days, fire prevention, water conservation, etc.
2. Fundraisers- benefit popular local charities and non-profits.  Examples:  raising money for the local high school cheerleading squads or sports teams, scouts, youth programs, new libraries, etc.
3. Health-related events.   Free screenings (blood pressure, diabetes, etc,)  womens' health events, nutrition and fitness presentations, Alzheimer's information, etc.

All of these events do require planning and lots of advertising and PR to ensure attendance and success.  I am often amazed at how little thought event planners put into the most challenging aspect of event marketing: getting butts in the seats.   It seems sometimes that more thought goes into deciding what music to play than in performing the crucial tasks necessary to ensure a great turnout.

Another often-neglected task associated with events is data collection.  If you want to succeed with event marketing, you MUST have a method by which you are able to collect data for use in later marketing.  Having 3,000 people at your event does you little good if you can't get in touch with those people later.  Remember, the primary reason for doing this is to grow your list.

Soon, I will be providing you with insider secrets on event marketing and other stealth marketing tactics designed to free you from compliance hell and help you grow your database.

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