Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Merchants, The #Antigroupon Has Arrived

re: Paid2Save...


By Tammy de Leeuw

I've been wanting to find a way to hop on board the mobile advertising bandwagon without having to spend a fortune to do so.  And I think I may have finally found it.

Paid2Save is what I like to call the "anti-groupon."   Merchants have long complained about Groupon's business model, saying that it was restrictive, costly, and there was no way to control deals once they were launched.

We've all heard the horror stories of stores having to close because their daily deals bankrupted them.

Well, the folks at #paid2save found ways to fix the flaws and make merchants a lot happier.  As this network grows, I look for it to be a significant player in the mobile advertising space.

Check out these resources and see how Paid2Save can help you, whether you are merchant or service provider, affiliate marketer, or consumer looking for a great deal.  Watch the short slideshow below and you'll see how it works, and where you can learn more.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Three Marketing Strategies Financial Advisors and Agents Are Using Right Now to Attract More Clients

re: if you don't build it...they will never come

by Tammy de Leeuw
Button Pusher @ The Marketing Blend-O-Matic

Stop telling me it's hard to find new clients...
That your emails aren't working anymore...
That you spent $4,000 for a mailer and NOTHING HAPPENED...

Because I know that some of you are just sitting around waiting for things to happen...
Instead of making phone calls, knocking on doors..
You know,... being active.

Here are three things that some insurance agent friends of mine are doing RIGHT NOW that are working to attract and RETAIN clients.

1. Providing great content.  My friend Teresa Kuhn has a great website, blog and radio show that all serve to make her more interesting to potential clients.

Teresa has managed to book some of today's most intriguing and controversial thought leaders as guests on her show.  For example, forecaster Harry Dent was on the show to give his financial predictions for 2014- GREAT STUFF!

Our mutual affiliate, Heath Frantzen, is producing lots of quality reports for the agents who work with him.  His site at www.deltabusinessservices.com has lots of resources for people looking to sell businesses.

2. Finding ways to use mobile marketing and other emerging technologies.    Rick Liuag, an insurance agent from Corona, California finally discovered a way for financial professionals to hop on the mobile advertising train and use it to reach more people.

Check out the merchant video here:

You can down the app for free if you have a smartphone.  Check it out for yourself here:


You can hear Rick talk about how he uses mobile marketing to get more clients:

Dial In

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Access code: 183341
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And here is the MERCHANT video
3. Keep doing live events, just do them smarter.   Gary Boatman, CFP, a financial and tax planner in Pennsylvania, has built his own event center and fills it with locals who want to learn about everything from Obamacare to social security to becoming their own finance companies.    Gary is doing everything right to ensure these events are successful and that people in his area are talking about him and what he does.


The important thing to remember about all these success stories is that all these advisors chose something that worked well with their own values, work ethics, and personalities. 

When you find something that resonates with you, don't be a wallflower.  DO IT!  Your customers  need what you have to offer, but they have to find you first.