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re: Webinar Replay- Building A Card Referral System-

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 NEW: Webinar for Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents (CPA's Welcome, Too!)

 Imagine your client or prospect walking into your office...

On your desk, a display tray filled with shiny new silver or gold coins...a crisp pair of white cloth gloves beside it.

Imagine their curiosity, building to excitement, as they stare at this latest office decoration, dying to know what it's all about.

Noticing their interest, you put one of the gloves on and casually remove a large silver coin or piece of bullion and hand it to them.

"Oh yes, Bob.  I forget to tell you.  I've added something new to what I do for my clients.  I now have the ability to help them buy physical precious metals which can be delivered to them, anywhere they want."

Do you think that might be something that interests them? Gets their attention? Positions you as unique and different?  

Do you think this might be a great marketing tool with the potential to attract more quality people to your practice?... (read the rest now- go here")


The Great Marshmallow Drive Web Class- ON DEMAND

In this 75 minute web class, I will share with you how to do an awesome event that could generate hundreds of leads for your business... and it's FUN, TOO!


re: "7 Ways to Use Linked In" Webcast Rebroadcast

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 Visalus Challenge Webinar On Demand

If you aren't doing one of THREE things in this new economy...You might be in for a rude awakening...
Things have changed and only those who are UP FOR A CHALLENGE can expect to take ownership of the future...

Join Bill Nissen as he shows you what you MUST do to thrive amidst the economic turmoil
and find out which company has created over 700 six figure earners in just the last 36 months!
Fill out the form NOW to be admitted to this no-holds-barred, no-hype webcast with industry leader Bill Nissen.

If you are looking for a dynamic, ethical, people-centric home-based-business?  Visalus fills the bill.  With its' emphasis on healthy living, Visalus fills the high demand for products that will increase longevity, reduce the risk of chronic disease, help people lose weight, and create overall feelings of well-being.


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