Friday, July 20, 2012

How to write reviews that bring YOU business...

re:YELPing Hands...

by Tammy de Leeuw
"The Grouchy Marketing Lady"

If you are like most business owners...
You are taking a hard look at your budget for the coming year..
And looking for inexpensive, yet effective ways to get the word out about your business

One thing you can do that has the power to create new conversations leading to relationships AND solidify existing ones is learning how to write informative reviews on YELP.

Now, creepy YELP business practices asides, you can still harness its' incredible search engine reach and help your clients get found.  Not only can you create loads of good will by accurately evaluating local businesses, especially those with whom you already do business...

You can also subtly promote your own business within the review... 

For example: a typical property/casualty insurance agent might have 200 or more business clients.  It's always a good idea to keep business in the family, so.. be sure to (1) patronize your business clients whenever possible (2) write reviews about your experiences

The same goes for establishments with whom you WANT to business.

Say you sell widgets to restaurants and you really, really want to add Steve's Fried Chicken and Biscuits to your list of clients.  Doesn't it make sense to become a regular, HAPPY customer of Steve's...get known by the management and employees, etc?

Once you've done that,and found a couple of Steve's menu items that you really like...Then you need to write a useful, informative review on YELP or SmartGuy or both.  You can also add reviews to Google Local and other directories.

Tips for Writing Reviews

1.Be SPECIFICThe more accurate details you include, the more helpful the reviews.DO THIS:
   "The highlight of my experience at Steve's is the golden, fluffy-as-clouds biscuits, enhanced by a dollop of
      creamy butter and a little local honey." NOT THIS: "Steve's biscuits are very good."
2. Offer "insider" information.   Let people in on the special information you know about this business.  WRITE THIS:

"Steve's has many "secret items" not found on the regular menuI like the SPECIAL NUMBER THREE- which is broiled chicken legs with spicy peanut sauce.NOT THIS: "You can order many off-the-menu items at Steve's."

3. Discuss best times to go, parking, long lines, etc. DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS: "Steve's is located right next to the SuperPlex Movie Theatre so parking can be a challenge, particularly on the weekends.  I have learned the best time to go without parking being an issue is Wednesdays from 11AM-9PM.
NOT: "Parking sucks, be prepared."

4.Avoid giving too many stars.  If your reviewed business or service really, really merits it (and ONLY IF) give the business the highest rating.  Otherwise, it is best to give 3's or 4's.  Why? Because when a ratings site (Yelp in particular) notices that every business you review is 5-stars, your credibility as a reviewer is undermined. 

If the client or prospect questions you as to why you didn't give 5 stars, tell them the truth: "The more honest I am with reviews, the fewer HIGHEST ratings I give, the more powerful and effective my ratings are (and the less I look like your schill!)"

5.Be honest...but fair.  If you have a bad experience at one of your clients' businesses, be sure to:
1. Accurately evaluate the cause of the incident (ex: not enough employees working, equipment malfunction, weather, etc.)  2. Give them a chance to fix the problem before you write a review. Mention the issue casually to the owner without sounding accusatory or critical.  "Steve, I noticed you were really shorthanded Saturday night when I came in.  If you are looking for reliable help, I know a couple of college students who are looking for work."  3. Give a second chance before reviewing.

Never, ever write a review unless you have tried the establishment at least twice with identical bad results.   While you do want to be honest, don't review any of your clients' businesses unless you are sure you can honestly give at least 3 stars.  If you publish a bad review you are apt to lose a customer and make an enemy, which is the opposite of what you are trying to do.

6. Do include YOUR BUSINESS website URL and phone #.  This will help the business easily identify the fact that it was you who gave them the glowing review.  Also, if people who read the review wonder who you are.. you might get a lead from them as well.

A little-used technique which I have found that WORKS is to include the URLS for video reviews you have done, videos you have taken of the business in action, or their own informational videos.  Lots of people don't realize you can put hyperlinks (http:) inside your review.  So, if you have, let's say, a FOOD BLOG and you have more info on Steve's or some videos or photos, whatever.  You can say something in your review to that effect.  Be SURE to include the full URL

7.Be humorous and entertaining whenever possible.  If your client is a funeral home or a crime scene cleanup company, this may not be do-able.  For all other businesses, however, you should aim for maximum information, entertainment, and a chuckle or two.  Check out my own YELP review for my new dentist.

Even a negative review can be softened somewhat by the use of irony and humor.

I had a horrible customer service experience at a local food place. (third poor experience and it wasn't a charm!) so I wrote a little review to vent my frustration. Remember, don't do this for client and prospect businesses: they WILL see it and they probably won't be too pleased.

8. NAME Names.(first name only, however) Was your waiter excellent?  Cashier more helpful than usual?  Staff able to answer your every question?  WRITE THIS: "Steve's cashier, Mindy, was polite, smiling, and extremely efficient. 

9: Be a regular contributor and invite your clients to follow you on YELP.  Easy to see why this is a great idea for everyone!

10. Give your reviews "legs."  Make a copy of every review you do and place into a file folder.  When you find other local review sites, you can then copy and paste your review into that site as well.  Saves you time!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finding Your Inner Persuader

re: Mind Authority Network training rocks...

I've been getting so much awesome feedback from members of the Jim Fortin Mind Authority Network site...

That I decided to post another one of his 4 minute persuasion training videos...

"The Convincer Strategy"

You'll be amazed at how much better you will become when you spend time on the Mind Authority Network, no matter in what business you are involved.

Check out the video, then find out more at:

Monday, July 2, 2012

Social Media Day, Baby!

re: Something to do on a Saturday night in the City...

by Tammy de Leeuw
Your Marketing Mixologist(r)
Blended Marketing for ALL!

Since I stopped working downtown on Market...
I don't get to the City (aka "San Francisco" as often as I used to..

So, when I got the invite to attend Mashable/Motorola's "Social Media Day" event

I decided to go and get my networking on...

I had a great time meeting people who are sick to death of social media and who long to meet REAL PEOPLE... (but they still LOVE their smart phones!)

Brought back a lot of ideas for small businesses...

And some very short videos to give you an idea of the vibe...

File under: Mashable Social Media Day, Motorola phones, Social-Media-events, Events-San Francisco,

Diana from Walnut Creek was jonesing for some of the delicious gourmet meatballs featured at the event. As soon as they came out, they were GONE... Finally, though, she managed to snag a couple.