Friday, November 6, 2015


re: a special webinar for insurance agents, financial advisors, CPA's
Topic: A PROVEN Strategy to Get More Business Owner and Senior Clients 
Presenter: Rick Liuag
Presenter: Innovative Brokerage Network
Host: Tammy de Leeuw

The Affordable Care Act has created the greatest financial services marketing bonanza EVER. In this webinar I'll explain WHY that is, and how YOU can use our proven, proprietary system to generate more business owner and senior leads who are interested and motivated to learn more about, annuities, Medicare, Health, Supplemental Health or whatever else you might sell.
In this short but informative webinar you'll learn:
  • What agents are doing to generate business owner and senior prospects via the buzz surrounding the ACA 
  • How our proven & proprietary system can separate you from ALL the competition in your market
  • How to get CPA to WANT to partner with you

We won't be running these webinars much longer, so if you are an agent or advisor who wants to get in front of more business owners and'll definitely want to attend one of these sessions.

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  1. A study showing that communities that spend less on Medicare don't necessarily spend less on health care overall is throwing cold water on some long-cherished assumptions about how to reduce the cost of health caregold obamacare plan