Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A great marketing tool that costs nothing...


re: fully functional test copy for EZ Automator

Yes, there are some good things you can get for nothing to help market your business.
My friend Shivy, who is a downright awesome programmer, made a cloud-based software that does tons of stuff. You can get a free, fully-functional (but limited to 1,000 contacts) version by going here:

This program has features such as SMS (text messaging) emailing, video emailing, ready-to-use electronic newsletter templates, and a lot more.

It is in the pre-launch phase, so you can get a limited contact silver edition for only... NOTHING.
Just go to the link above and register.

Then use it!
(yes, you actually have to USE marketing tools in order for them to work)

If you like it and you have more than 7,000 contacts.. then you can upgrade.

It's that simple.

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