Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Using Linked In As A Surgical Tool...

re: Great article from Jill Konrath: 5 Ways to Use Linked In For Prospecting

Finding the Prospecting Needle In the LinkedIn Haystack.

When we did our 2013 Sales & LinkedIn survey, lots of people shared their thoughts and strategies about how they were using LinkedIn. I love what Paul Meyers had to say:

"I use Linkedin as a surgical tool when I need to ferret out a very specific individual decision maker within an organization – the guy who holds the purse strings. Since their staff is well trained to keep annoying sales guys away, LinkedIn helps me find them."

That is so true today. Everyone wants to keep you out! As you saw in my recent 2 Ways to Use LinkedIn Serach to Find Prospect Names video, the Advanced Search function is a great place to start your research.

Here are 5 ways your colleagues use LinkedIn for prospecting. Hopefully it'll give you some fresh ideas you can use today!

1. Find Surprise Opportunities | Mike Osterhaudt
"I search for companies in the "people" field. This gives me a list of people who work or have worked in that company. I then narrow it by location and job description.
Then, I also look where people have worked before they were at their current job. By doing this, I’ve found many other companies (who are now my customers) that I didn’t even know existed before."

(see the rest here:

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