Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Express Your Gratitude...On Video

re: giving before getting..a novel idea

by Tammy de Leeuw "The Grouchy Marketing Lady"

So often, business owners tend to think in terms of "getting referrals" rather than how we can ourselves can get better at  GIVING them.

I had the privilege of spending an afternoon this week with Nicola Stauder and Mary Evans, a couple of Isagenix executives from the Montana-based JUST CLEANSE group who were in California for a few days.

Both of these exceptional business-builders have realized, through intuition and experience, that the best way to break down barriers, create good will, and generate quality referrals, is to give honest and sincere reviews of products and services they use and enjoy.

For example, after a massage session with Melissa Kirk of Brentwood Massage and Vitality spa, Nicola was eager to give a video testimonial about her massage, which she said was "an out of this world experience."

You don't have to prattle on and on or spew out globs of hyperbole and cliches to be effective at communicating your passion.  The best reviews are short, sweet, sincere.. and occasionally humorous.

Nicola, in keeping with her "to the point personality",  did two video testimonials for Melissa, both of which were well under one minute, but still conveyed her sincere appreciation of a job well done.

Reciprocity is the inevitable result of investing your time, energy, and good intentions in others.  Whenever you get the chance (especially if you are LOCAL business) you should take a few minutes to give props to the others who make your life richer and more interesting,

And, whenever you can... use video.  It does a much better job communicating your sincerity and honesty than either written reviews or audio recordings.

Check out both reviews here:



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