Monday, March 25, 2013

Better living through music...Amy Courts

by Tammy "Grouchy Marketing Lady" de Leeuw
Monkeywrenches, Mayhem, Madness and Marketing

I first saw Amy Courts at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco a few years ago, opening up for Jennifer Knapp and apparently having a great time in so doing,

Honestly,  I had never heard of  Ms.Courts, and when she took her place at the microphone that evening, I  couldn't help thinking "Oh, great another angst-washed, overly sincere girl indie singer opening act."

After a few notes, however,  I knew how off base my assessment had been.

Courts' pure and honest voice, evocative lyrics, and wry humor were the perfect  opening act for Knapp.  In fact, in some respects,  she plain outshone Grammy-nominated Knapp, who, to her credit, looked on approvingly and seemed to encourage Courts to upstage her.

It turned out to be one of my all-time favorite small venue concerts.

Today, Amy Courts is busy, as are many of us, juggling the responsibilities of being a wife and mother, striving to maintain her artistic integrity in an industry bent on destroying it for the sake of a quick buck, and staying healthy and fit and away from (most?) rock and roll vices.

Those of us sick and tired of tired of factory farmed music, with its' emphasis on the ubiquitous, memorable hook (no one really knows what the song is about, but if you hum a few bars- we can fake it)  its' lack of real emotion and depth, and nails-on-chalkboard repetitiveness (think: Bruno Mars four times in an hour!) would do well to support artists such as Amy Courts. 

Check out Amy's offerings here and if you like what you hear- be sure to send a donation to help her keep making great tunes.

Go here to hear some of Amy's finest work:

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