Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Helping Others Market Your Product or Service...

re: why YOU want to take the time to do this...

by Tammy de Leeuw
The Grouchy Marketing Lady

One of the best things anyone who is involved in selling a product or service can do is to build up a loyal base of devoted "evangelists"; people who will sell for you without even having to be asked.

These are the people who are "checking in" on their cell phones when they visit your place of business, tweeting about their last visit with you, or posting a photo of one of your events on Facebook.  They are the folks who drag their friends and family members over to meet you, pass out your business cards, and refer you every chance they get.

We could all use a LOT more of these people in our lives...

Obviously, the first way to get a stable of raving fans is to create a product, service, or customer experience that over-delivers on value or is truly unique or cutting edge.

Beyond this, however, you need to work at making it easy for others to sing your praises.

For example, if you want people to post YOUR content on THEIR websites and social media pages, make it easy and hassle-free for them to do so.

Royal Metals' target market is financial services people who want to offer their clients precious metals,

Instead of just leaving their advisors to their own devices when it comes to marketing this service, Royal has started producing what is sometimes called "collateral."

This collateral includes recorded webinars, videos, newsletters, articles, email templates, etc.
Below is an example of a video produced by Royal for its' agents that they can customize and add to their existing websites.

Here are some other easy-to-do things you can implement to help others get the word out about you: 

1. Write some posting templates that your raving fans can use to post to Twitter, Facebook, or Linked
    Sometimes the only reason your business isn't being mentioned in the conversation is that your clients just
    aren't sure what to say.  Make it easy for them to talk you up.

2.  Send a digital or physical newsletter?  In every issue, be sure to encourage your subscribers to
     PASS IT ON to friends, co-workers, or neighbors.

3. When someone compliments your product and service, hand them a card that explains how to write a
    good review on YELP or Smartguy.com. or other review site.

4. Have a Facebook page?  Make sure you list the URL on every piece of correspondence you send out.
    Offer an incentive for LIKING your page or for the best comment on the page, etc.

5. If you rely on written referrals, draft up some well-written templates for your clients to use when
    referring you to their friends and family.
    Explain exactly how you WANT and NEED to be introduced.  Don't assume people know how
    to write good referral letters... they generally don't.

6. When you sponsor or attend an event, don't forget to ask your good customers to get the word out
    via their mobile phone and social media accounts.
    I am always surprised at how many businesses have special events
    and don't even ask their databases for help in promoting them.

7. Be sure to find out if your clients and customers have their own Facebook business pages
    and LIKE THEM.  
   When you reach out to support your clients' social media efforts, they more often than not, reciprocate.

8. In a similar vein, when you patronize the businesses of your clients,
    be sure to write a positive YELP review and post it.  This creates valuable goodwill and makes it more likely that they will do the same for

9. Make recommendations on Linked In.  Locate your favorite customers on Linked In and write
    a good,helpful recommendation for them.
   Just as with YELP, the goodwill created ensures that they are likely to write a good recommendation
   for YOU.

10. Engage and ask. You have not because you ask not.  Don't automatically assume that clients who are
      thrilled with your service are going to Tweet about it... or YELP it.. They generally won't unless you
      let them know how to do it... and make it easy for them to do so. 

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