Friday, June 15, 2012

Barbecued Food for Thought for the Weekend

SPECIAL GUEST BLOGGER- My friend Teresa...

by Teresa Kuhn, JD, RFC, CSA

Lots of great information floating around on the internet and over the air.

I have sussed out some of the best stuff for you to enjoy over the weekend..

You can thank me later...when the swelling in your brain subsides after its rare exposure to

Truth hurts.. but it makes you smarter and you'll look better in a black cocktail dress.

The Geeks Don't Want No GREEKS

Europe is in flux right now and you can bet your moussaka that they are getting ready to show Greece the door...

The Daily Reckoning weighs in on just why this is happening and why it's important to everyone.

Telling It Like It Is- Kerry Lutz and Yours Truly

Did you catch my recent interview with Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network?
Not trying to toot my own horn here (well, I am but I have to say that so I sound humble)
Kerry and I lifted the lid off the steaming pot of half-boiled lies dished out by Wall Street, politicians, mainstream media monkeys... and other evil-doers.

Listen now and free your mind...

 Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels.. Examining the Seamy Underbelly of Currency Debasement

 Joel Bowman takes the looter class to task for their "shaving" ways..

The Sound of the Other Shoe Dropping- College Loans

It's lurking around like that nasty great-aunt with dragon breath who always wants to kiss you or pinch your cheek... Namely, the college debt crisis.  It's coming to a head and it's gonna get nasty.. 

Here's a couple of interesting takes on Edumageddon:

A 17 Year-Old Weighs In On The Value of A College Education

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