Thursday, June 14, 2012

Best Persuasion and Influence Training Ariound

re: Just a taste of the kind of training you will get as a member of Mind Authority Network with Jim Fortin

by Tammy de Leeuw
The Grouchy Marketing Lady

Jim Fortin maintains that, unless you are a world class athlete...

The only thing in life for which you will get paid is your ability to PERSUADE AND INFLUENCE.

Learning to be a better persuader can help you:

1. Become better at crafting marketing messages that draw people to your product or service
2. Close more sales with less effort
3. Be a more successful communicator
3. Improve your social life and interpersonal skills
4. Parent without as much hassle
5. Attract a better class of affiliate or joint venture partner

...and a whole lot more

Jim recently launched what I think is the best influence, persuasion, and sales training I have ever seen.
(and I see a LOT of programs every year!)

At $28 a month and with new, fresh content being added weekly, The Mind Authority Network gives you all the tools you need  to improve your sales and marketing.

I wanted you to get a taste of the kind of training Jim has on the site (there's TONS more like this, folks!)

When you discover how powerful and easy to learn this material is...

I know you will want to have it for yourself.

Watch the videos, then go to

ZES 19: Moving away and toward

ZES #23: Mirroring: Absolutely Vital

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