Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday, March 10 Teleconference for Advisors and Agents

re: Teleseminar, March 10  BOOTCAMP LINK:

Join us for a short teleseminar to update you on our progress in getting in front of more boomer business owners.


Dial-in Number: United States (563) 999-2090
Access Code: 234-065

There are limited seats on the call, so be sure to be on time/
10AM Pacific, NOON Central, 1PM Eastern
Bootcamp Purchase LINK:

Teleseminar Agenda Thursday, March 10th
With Tammy de Leeuw

I.                    Obamacare Update:  More doors are opening as business owners realize they do have alternatives.  Feedback has been positive.  Rick will speak to between 80-150 business owners on his “tour.”  (
a.      Live speaking best source of free/cheap leads. Getting data is CRUCIAL
b.      Agents passing out trifold brochure to professional corporations
c.       Wide net pulling in INTERESTED seniors
d.      Products sold: IUL, annuities, supplemental health insurance, private pension plans, college planning, mutual funds, etc… virtually anything else is a candidate
e.      Finding business owners money to fund their retirements
Crucial to all of this: FOLLOWUP FOLLOWUP FOLLOWUP.  You must be diligent following up and diligent in getting the data at each and every meeting   Strive for 80-90% of your data cards returned at every meeting.
Followup: We are building drip template for agents to use in Icontact, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, etc..
We provide our agents with personalized color tri-folds that they can order at slightly above cost.  We have data card templates and website templates. Speaking outlines, videos.

II.                  USA BIZ Lending
III.                Asset protection
IV.                Event sponsorship
V.                  Media citations

Frequently requested resources:
CAL STAR SUPPLEMENTAL AGENT SIGN UP (check to see if products available in your state)
Sign up in the "Sales Representatives" link in the upper lefthand side of the page
When asked for a password, use "ruby"
Still working the senior market?  WHY???????
Truth About Obamacare and Business Owners

If you want help with any of the following:
  •  Better, more search friendly WordPress website
  •   Direct mail and deep discount professional printing
  •  Contracting with our MGA
  •  Creating your own podcast or other content
  • Social media marketing
  • Creating lead magnets or sales funnels
  • Appointment setting
  • Media citations and press releases

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