Monday, July 7, 2014

Become a Paid2Save Connector and Get Paid...

re: becoming a connector

by Rick Liuag

Paid 2 Save has just announced that starting immediately, everyone who simply downloads a free app will become part of their new  CONNECTOR program/

When you download the free Paid 2 Save mobile app, you will automatically get a unique ID code and a replicated website automatically.

Then, simply share the app with friends,relatives, and co-workers.  They can then use their unique ID code to activate the app. You make 5% cash every time those people use the app, and when they distribute it to others, THEY will make 5% when it gets uses.

That's right.. download the app for free .... share it with others, and get paid 5% cash every time they use it. Mention the merchant network to any merchants in your local area, if they sign up for FREE to promote their deals and coupons you get paid 10% cash every time someone redeems a coupon from that merchant.

 NO PAYING ANY MONEY, NO SELLING, NO RECRUITING... just download the app...use it to save on local deals... share the app with other individuals and merchants for free... Get paid 5% or 10% cash every time it's used or a coupon is redeemed. ...that simple. EVERYONE can now make 5% cash by sharing the app with others.

However, a Connector only makes money on those individuals who they share the app with (1 level) and 10% of the coupons redeemed by any merchants they enlist on the network for free. This just may be for YOU if: you don't really want to have to work to make money you don't want to have to sell anything to make money you don't want to have to recruit anybody to make money you don't want to have to spend any money to make money.

To download the app and become a free connector go here:
You might consider becoming a brand partner affiliate now before this app goes viral.
The paid brand partner affiliate gets a "check match" of every free connector in their hierarchy... and the app volume and merchant volume created by the free connectors contributes to the brand partner's commission pool from the matrix.

For example if there are 10,000 free connectors in your hierarchy who've downloaded the app and shared it with friends and relatives.... and hypothetically in any given month 3,000 of them make $5 from the apps they shared..... the brand partner affiliate "check matches" every one of those free connectors or in this scenario 3,000 X $5 = $15,000 created by people downloading the app for free and telling their friends to do the same...

This could make this app go viral on college campuses etc... This makes the Paid 2 Save business GREAT for fundraisers, charitable organizations and associations.

So the earning potential for brand partner affiliates has just grown geometrically..... no business has ever done this type of "cash payment for referring friends" to download a mobile app

This is a great tool for growing an email list to market any product or service.

Get your app right now while it's still free by going to:

Turn on your smart phone
Go to the app store or Google Play
Search "PAID2SAVE"
Download the app, using code 90435

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