Thursday, November 8, 2012

Legal Shield.. For Everyone

re: Join me on November 13th for a great, new webinar...

 If you are looking for:

1. A unique way to attract prospects and retain clients
2. An inexpensive way to purchase much-needed legal services for your business or family
3. A method of making money for your church, synagogue, youth group, or other non-profit
4. How to sell Legal Shield as a company benefit
4. A secondary source of income
5. An opportunity to work with an ethical, respected company with a proven track record of success
    and client satisfaction...

Then you should definitely be on this call with Legal Shield trainer and executive Larry Smith.  With 17 years invested in this company, Larry Smith is one of the top income-earners in Legal Shiled and a sought-after trainer .  

Larry has put in thousands of hours in the field teaching others how to maximize this fantastic business opportunity.

Legal Shield is seeing explosive growth of late due to the fact that most people now realize that they need to protect their assets from lawsuits and other legal actions.  

If you are a financial advisor, insurance agent, realtor, or mortgage broker, you know that this product dovetails nicely with your mission to protect your clients' net worth and bring peace of mind into their lives.

Many advisors and agents have found that a small investment in Legal Shield yields lots of tangible and intangible benefits including: adding to the perception of value, creating goodwill, getting referrals, etc.

Join Larry for this informative presentation and learn:

1. Why everyone needs this service (the potential is HUGE)
2.How to use Legal Shield as a very effective marketing tool
3. Legal Shield as a side or main business

and a lot more...
Go here and reserve your space now:

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