Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Inexpensive (even free) Ways to Get Found by Google

re: free or cheap ways to get FOUND online

If you are like most business owners you are looking for ways to use the potential reach of the internet to bring in new customers and reach out to old ones

If that's the case, then let me show you two PROVEN ways to break out of the clutter and get found

The first way (you've heard me mention it before) is to take a few minutes and get yourself listed
On the Smart Guy Directory..

A lot of you have already done this... the rest of you NEED to
The Smart Guy networks are growing

And it won't be long before Smart Guy ramps up their advertising to the CONSUMER side...

You might just find yourself getting a free lead or two out of it..

So, take five-ten minutes and get yourself listed

The next way to get yourself found is simply awesome..

It's VIDEO...

Properly optimized, video is an awesome tool for coming up on the first page of multiple search engines...
(especially if you are local)

You already realize some of the downsides of video...

One of the worst "cons" is the amount of time you have to spend to make it work..

However, read on and discover how you can cut that back or even eliminate it altogether...


Gator Bob Sales is a discount warehouse for import items...Things like scrapbook supplies, gardening tools, housewares..I recently partnered with the owners to try an SEO experiment. 

Using a simple pocket video camera, I spent a day shooting customer testimonials and product information videos.  I'm no Stephen Spielberg, and you don't have to be either.  You can find examples of the kinds of videos I used by going here:

discount beading supplies antioch- page one in 3 different places!

discount beading supplies concord  (you occupy 4 slots!)

beading supplies concord

beading supplies antioch

discount scrapbook supplies walnut creek

discount scrapbook supplies antioch

best place to buy beading supplies concord

scrap booking concord

where to buy scrapbook supplies antioch

discount school supplies concord

discount teacher supplies concord

scrapbook materials concord

discount craft supplies concord

craft supplies concord

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