Friday, April 6, 2012

If You're Targeting Business Owners... You Need To Get Better At THIS

re: The hidden treasures of Linked In

For several months now, I have been telling my subscribers about one of the few social media courses I can recommend...without reservation.

I have just completed all the modules of Lewis Howes' amazing "Linked Influence," and I think it was time more than well spent.

(see what I mean- go to

Linked In, if properly optimized, can be a rich source of leads, especially if you market to the self-employed.  In fact, Lewis Howes built an entire business using nothing but Linked In.

Lewis' course helps you avoid some of the common mistakes people make on Linked In when they try and use it to promote their goods and services.  Using his proven system, you can easily and quickly create a Linked In profile that is easier to find and more attractive to potential clients or employers.

I tried out this information product long before I became a JV partner with Lewis and found it to be extremely organized, easy to digest and implement, and a real time-saver.

So, check out what Lewis has to say here and start promoting your service to the professional decision-makers on Linked In.

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