Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm Puree-ing For You! Chopping Away At Seo Myths

re: SEO Myths That'll Empty Your Wallet Faster Than A Pack of Teeenage Girls At A Shoe Sale

Myth #1: Getting high page rank will make you busier, richer, sexier, etc...

OK kids...

I am going to lay down the bare naked truth:  Page rank in search engines doesn't mean diddly squat!

Really, truly, it doesn't...

Having a high page rank, contrary to what all the SEO scammer-types claim, will not enable you to sit around in your tighty-whities all day long,and put together a list of 10,000 qualified, hungry buyers clamoring for what you have.

I hate to stretch your waistband, but...

It doesn't happen that way (usually)

Instead, lead generation, much like search engine optimization itself, depends on several blended factors, with page rank being but one of them.

Naturally, there are exceptions to this...

For example, if you are trying to sell term insurance online, hitting page one of Google is pretty much a necessity unless you are willing to spend tons of money on direct mail or other types of advertisement.  It's such a competitive product, in fact, that even with #1 page 1 ranking, you might still have to use other means to generate enough sales.

If you own one of 35 taquerias in town, then you better rank on page one for "tacos" or "Mexican food" in local search (and have a quick-loading mobile site)  or be left holding the empty tortilla. 

These are what I call "commodity searches," meaning that they are spur-of-the moment searches, often via mobile phone, for commodity-type items.

 "Dude, what do you want for lunch?" "I dunno, Thai sounds good.  Any Thai places around here?"    "Where can I buy organic milk?"  "Ouch!  I need a good chiropractor." "Is there a Chuck E. Cheese close by?"

In these instances, local page rank does indeed matter.

For the rest of you business owners, though, page rank is just one thread in your quest to make folks see things your way and buy your schizz... You need to create STREAMS of qualified traffic passing through your websites and page rank alone doesn't accomplish this.

Next into the BLENDER: "But what about all those companies promising me #1 page rank on Google?"

It's impossible for anyone to GUARANTEE a specific placement on Google or Bing or any other major search engine.  The algorithms used are simply too complex; not even the employees of those companies understand them fully.   I mean, it's always a good idea to TRY for that, but for some SEO guru to claim that he or she can guarantee it usually means something a little suspect is going on.

When you see such claims, examine them with a skeptical mind. 

More myths next time on the BLENDER..

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