Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nothing Works...Unless YOU Do

re: the whine zone... (aka: "Nothing Works Unless YOU Do)

by Tammy de Leeuw
The Grouchy Marketing Lady

Over the past 10 (count 'em!) years, I have devoted myself to finding effective, simple, and inexpensive ways for small business owners, solo professionals, and entrepreneurs to market themselves.

I have done countless webinars and teleseminars, written books and free reports, introduced you to experts in fields ranging from video production to persuasion to phone selling to social media.

A few of you (thank God) "get it."

Just last week, I got a call from an advisor thanking me for showing him a better way to get the data at a small meeting he hosted for local business owners. He spoke to 40 company executives and.. got 40 complete and accurate data cards returned.  For you numerically-challenged folks, that's a 100% success rate!

For all of these ten years, I have made a concerted effort to disabuse you of the notion that there is or ever was, a magic lead bullet that ensures that you will get stellar results each time you try a marketing initiative.

Guess what?  Marketing is work.  Finding what speaks to your niche best is work.  Learning about new technologies and methodologies is WORK.  Researching all this has been a lot of work for me.

So when some of you make a half-hearted stab at implementing real changes to your marketing strategy, and you whine about lack of results, I am face-palmingly frustrated.

Now, I do realize that some of you have had your chains yanked by hucksters promising you unlimited rainbows with endless pots of cash and golden-horned unicorns strutting around.
Perhaps you spent money on something that didn't work...because it was NEVER going to work.

However, the ideas I present here and on the webinars are based on solid blended marketing techniques that have been used successfully by thousands of business owners, just like you.

Why they work for some and not for others isn't much of a mystery when you think about it.
Sometimes, there are geographical constraints, meaning that what plays well in Boston or New York might not play at all in Des Moines, and vice-versa.

More often, however, it is simply lack of implementation and proper follow-up that generates poor results.  Sloth with an added dash of cheapskate is a sure-fire recipe for (at the very best) "MEH" results.

I get it, I get it.  There are budgetary issues.  I know these well.  I have them all the time.  My daughter insists the word "entrepreneur" means BROKE in French.  For some of you, though, broke is just another excuse to avoid doing anything.

How do I know this?  Because I have handed you a way to both advertise AND attract business owner clients AND make a little bit of cash as well.

And only a few very smart people who see the potential have done it so far.  (by the way, a couple of THOSE people have already met some brand new qualified prospects.)

That's why I encourage you, if you do nothing else this week, download the Paid2Save app.
Use code 90435 to access the app and be sure to register.  You won't get spam, you don't have to give up your firstborn child, your phone won't get a virus, etc.

This is totally free on either GOOGLE PLAY or the Apple App store.  As the network grows, you can use the app to save at the over 9,000 major retailers who will be onboarded in the next few months, or for local merchants, etc.

You can also profit in other ways.  So, get the app, play with it, and check out the resources on thsi page to learn how to use it to make money, save money, and meet new people.

Paid 2 Save - Three Minute Cartoon from Paid 2 Save on Vimeo.

Learn more at

 PS: The Little Old Man From Pasadena.  One of my associates in Southern California recently signed up the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce (1,500 plus members!)   If you don't think he is going to wind up with a lot of money from helping the chamber members, you are nuts.

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