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Insurance Agents: Are you looking for more success?

Why You Should Partner With The Winning Team Of Michael J. Travers
by Tammy de Leeuw
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Insurance agents who are successful understand the need to have reliable, ethical joint venture partners; partners who have the skills, tools, and products to help their agents meet and exceed their business goals.

In this challenging economic climate, the value of building a network of solid partners cannot be overstated.

Michael J. Travers is the kind of committed broker agents look to when they want an industry insider who operates with honesty, integrity, and an old-fashioned work ethic.

“I’m not averse to automation or digital technology, “says Travers, “but I still believe the key to getting referrals for agents is a warm, personalized approach.   You can start conversations online, but you need to have the means to take those online conversations, continue them offline, and turn them into sales.”

A graduate of the prestigious Bentley College of Accounting and Finance, Michael Travers has more than 40 years of expertise in selling and marketing insurance products and in helping recruit and develop top agents. 

Having reached a high level of expertise in annuities, life insurance, and other insurance products, Travers decided to pursue his own entrepreneurial vision, becoming an annuity wholesaler after a very successful run as a Regional Sales director for Midland National.

His brokers achieved immediate success with his annuity wholesaling business, racking up an impressive $55 million dollars in paid annuity premium in 2002.  

At the same time, Travers gained a reputation in the industry as a top developer of agent talent, formulating systems to attract and support the best, most client-centric agents and brokers. 

He also came up with new ways of doing live presentations and became a recognized expert at conducting seminars and workshops.   All these techniques continue to be shared with agents who work with him.

Travers’ reputation as an expert recruiter, sales trainer, and product expert eventually caught the attention of Mass Mutual’s top New England agency and he was hired as Brokerage Director in 2009.

In less than two years, Michael Travers increased sales at the agency, going from $900,000 to nearly $1.6 million in 2011 Life premium.  This achievement earned him one of Mass Mutual’s top awards, “The Brokerage Director Growth Award,” in 2011. This prestigious award recognizes brokerage directors who achieve the highest percentage increase over the prior year-end.

Travers credits his success to having assembled a trained, responsive, back office staff; people who can lighten the agents’ burdens.

“I’ve been able to put together a top notch team who knows how to get the job done.   They take care of things so my agents can focus on what they do best- getting in front of the clients,” he says.

Travers believes many FMO’s fail to deliver on their promises to help agents create lead pipelines, close deals, and process business in a fast, efficient manner.

“I saw that a lot of marketing organizations just take their cut and leave the agent dangling.  I decided I could do a lot better than that.” he says.

“My secret weapon is my operations manager, Brenda Sullivan.  Brenda “gets it.”  She knows what has to be done to ensure that our agents are well taken care of and that their customers are pleased as well.  Our agents are very appreciative of her talent and expertise,” Travers explains. 

Michael Travers believes the key to continued success is finding the right kinds of business affiliates and maintaining and nurturing his insurance and annuity company contacts.

“I believe the insurance industry is once again on a path to explosive growth fueled by the massive company wealth transfer occurring in the Boomer Generation.   My goal is to partner with like-minded agents with whom I can work to facilitate this growth and continue the momentum,” he says.  “I know that I can help producers reach the next level of success in their business.”

Michael Travers is reaching out to experienced agents across the United States who are dissatisfied with their present situations and want to achieve new levels of production and income.

“Our industry has undergone massive changes over the past few years, and it’s been challenging.  But I do believe that with these challenges come exceptional opportunities for those who are willing to do what it takes.”

If you are a hard-working, experienced life or annuity producer, you should contact Michael Travers today to see how you can partner with him to attain your goals for this year and beyond.

 Michael J Travers & Associates
Mike Cell: 508-889-4978
Fax: 800-782-9199

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