Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Have you planned your exit yet?

re: 80% of business owners fail to do this. (free webinar)

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Tuesday, February 11AM Central, Noon Eastern, 9AM Pacific
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Many business owners say they'd like to sell their businesses, create a lifetime income stream, and pay zero taxes.

Unfortunately though, In the United States the realities of selling a business, even a successful one, are far harsher than one might imagine.

In fact,   business owners who want to sell  their companies have only a  3% chance of  doing so successfully.

87% of small businesses listed for sale in America never sell at all. .In most cases business that DO sell , sell only after having been on the market for years, and are often sold for a discounted price.

In this webinar, business acquisitions expert Heath Frantzen discusses the reasons behind these dismal statistics and offers solutions to the issues plaguing business owners who try and exit successfully.

Heath will discuss:

How a lack of qualified buyers hinders business exits, and what sellers can do to overcome this.

Financial issues that can implode a sale

Selling successfully to create income for life...and a whole lot more

If you have a successful business, and are thinking of selling or...

if you work with business owners who eventually want to exit, but don't know how

Then you need to attend this webinar with one of the country's most knowledgeable business acquisition and succession experts, Heath Frantzen.

SPECIAL BONUS:  All attendees will get a free copy of Heath's latest report "9 Signs It's Time to Sell Your Business."  .

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