Monday, December 10, 2012


re: whole lotta "webinaring" going on...

Another year older and deeper into..webinars

Join me for my annual birthday celebration where I bring you a cavalcade of marketing edumacation..

New live webinar December 11th:

List Building Without Violins, Part 1: Blogging Success
Join Bill Nissen and Tammy for an in-depth exploration of blogs and video blogs. What they are, how you can put them together in a relatively short time, and why they will help you in your quest to build a big list.

ON Demand Webinars for December:

How to Create Webinars on Demand Easily and Inexpensively:

Choose your date and time and settle in for a drill down into  the IM Toolsuite system, a system recently appropriated from the sleazy internet marketers and re-purposed so that legitimate offline and online biz owners can take advantage of its' powerful features.

PS: For more info or a trial of the actual automation system, go here:

Using Legal Shield to Grow Your Business

Sending Cards to Grow Your Business

Creating Your First Automated Card Campaign

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