Friday, October 26, 2012

best little sales training in Texas.. and beyond

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re: A fantastic way to make more sales and convert more prospects into clients...

Many of you know I promote this... because I LOVE IT!

Face it, most sales training consists of a lot of "RAH RAH RAH", empty platitudes, and warm and fuzzy storytelling.  Either that, or it is STUCK IN THE 80's, showing you how to "sell them on the benefits and features" of your product or service.   99% of all sales and marketing training out there never addresses the crucial issue of HOW people buy (versus the usual WHY people buy spiel)                     Understanding how the human brain processes information and makes decisions is a crucial skill that is missing from most sales training programs...

When you take and USE Jim Fortin's Mind Authority training,  you will become a better persuader and influencer which will in turn..

  • Help you double...even triple your sales closing percentage
  • Help you become better at live presentations
  • Give you a powerful advantages of those still stuck in the 80's

I could tell you how awesome Jim Fortin's Mind Authority Network training is... but I won't.

Instead, I want you to experience it for yourself by getting a no-cost-no-pestering-you SAMPLE of the kinds of video trainings Jim does.  When you go to this site and enter your accurate information, you'll receive, over the course of the next few days, links to some short, but effective training sessions from Jim Fortin.

After you've watched them, you'll see just why thousands of business owners and sales professionals just like you are embracing this revolutionary approach to persuasion and influence.

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