Friday, August 17, 2012

Visalus For All-Anatomy of An Automated Campaign

re: rocking it with an automated online campaign

by Tammy de Leeuw
Visalus Promoter
Grouchy Marketing Lady

In the marketing world, cliches abound.  One of the most oft-repeated cliches is

"The fortune is in the followup."

Yes, it's trite...but SO VERY TRUE. 

When I talk to my consulting clients about what they feel is their biggest weakness when it
comes to client acquisition, 99.9% will, heads bowed, admit that it is lack of follow-up.

In fact, many of these same clients spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars to get prospects, don't have any idea on how they are going to convert those leads to clients. 

Their basic mindset is something along the lines of  " well, if they don't become clients right away, then  they will never be interested.  Following up is waste of time."

The reality is...if you aren't following up with your clients, then you are missing out on a lot of people who, once they get to know you via blog posts, videos, emails, webinars, etc., will eventually listen to your message.

And chances are... if they listen they will become your customers or clients at some point, even if they don't make the decision as quickly as you'd like.

That's why having an AUTOMATED drip machine working for you is so important. 

You're busy... we all are.

And it is ever-so-easy to use that excuse when you let things and people slip through the cracks.  

Since many sales and relationships often don't happen until the 9th or 10th "touch," having a system of constant contact and outreach makes tons of good sense.

Check out what I did for one client..

One of Visalus' top ambassadors, Bill Nissen, and I are in the process of putting together a 60-day plus drip campaign, including videos, video landing pages, and video thank you page.

I'll be honest- putting together an automated drip campaign takes A LOT OF TIME in the beginning.  However, once it is done... your only job becomes to drive traffic to it and KEEP driving traffic to it.

A well-designed drip campaign acts like a good water filter, filtering out impurities and bad tastes (fakers, takers, and others who will never, ever buy from you) and leaving the fresh water (viable leads) behind for you to enjoy.

If you want to discuss getting your own custom drip campaign started... then be sure to give me a call M-F
at 925-776-4368

Talk soon!


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