Friday, May 4, 2012

Take on Takei: The Facebook King With The Mischievous Grin

It's More Than OK to Be Takei...

by Tammy de Leeuw
"Grouchy Marketing Lady"

George Takei has devoted himself to making ME look bad.

Here I am, struggling to get my clients to hit the coveted 1,000 mark on their Facebook pages...

and this dude gets to 1.7 million in short order!

More importantly,  he isn't just racking up huge NUMBERS... he also gets his fans to interact with him in a way that is unparalled.

I haven't seen ANYONE (and I spend a lamentable amount of time on Facebook) who can get as many likes and comments on posts as our friend Sulu.  At age 75, his hipness factor is off the charts and his fans virtually trip over themselves to provide him with content.

And what eclectic content it is, too.  Takei's page boasts everything from movie clips to photos taken with fans at Star Trek conventions, to funny signs to jokes.  Reading the feed, one immediately senses that Takei loves his fans and followers... and they love him too.

Unlike many celebrities and pseudo-celebrities on the internet, George Takei "gets" the social part of social media.  Rather than blocking comments and uploads from fans and followers, Takei encourages them.  He doesn't have to worry too much about reputation management or Facebook spamming, in part because there is a sense of community that has a self-policing effect.  In other words, George's peeps have put up a sort of force field around him and mean, nasty posters are fed to the Klingons.

It's marketing mastery at its' finest, accomplished precisely because marketing is the last thing on George Takei's mind.

Engagement and the Social Media Sensation Known As George Takei 

Mr. Takei is a smart man, so it's a safe bet to believe he knows his social media clout is worth a ton of cash...

Still,  he doesn't seem to really care.

Yes, there IS occasional self-promotion and activism on the site, but it is so cushioned with humor and goodwill that even staunch conservatives can't visit without smiling a time or two.

This is magical, because, when people are laughing and smiling... they are LISTENING... and whether or not they agree with what you have to say, they will at least pause long enough to consider it.

George Takei isn't afraid to shine a spotlight on his weaknesses and foibles, even if we are laughing at his expense.  He isn't afraid to let his fans speak their minds, nor is he ashamed of who he is or of his iconic Star Trek status.

George Takei is both "out" and "OUT THERE" and his warp-speed warpedness and sly self-deprecation is magnetic.

It's the law of attraction-flavored secret sauce that makes his fan page work so very well and shows us all the true potential of Facebook.

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