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Video Marketing:It Really DOES Make A Difference to Small Business

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In May of 2011, COMSCORE published a report confirming what most business owners already knew in their heart of hearts:

Businesses that aren't using some form of video marketing are in danger of becoming irrelevant and nearly impossible to find online.

In a competition for online engagement between millions and millions of businesses, those entrepreneurs with a video marketing strategy in place have a decided advantage,

Comscore's numbers reveal, among other things, that:

In May of 2011 alone, 83.3% of the population of the United States viewed online videos.  In fact the average amount of video viewed per person was nearly 16 hours!

There is no sign this of this trend waning, especially in the wake of the smartphone revolution and development of software that allows quicker uploads and downloads of videos via phone.

Why Use Video ?

1.Beyond cute puppy videos: Video is a great PR tool, allowing you to obtain heightened 
   online visibility..for free. Your online audience is potentially HUGE (especially on You Tube) and there
  are hundreds of other places to post video as well.

2. Allows you to create more warmth and intimacy, even when your business is physically hundreds    
   (maybe even thousands) of miles away from your client.  Video lets your potential clients and current clients 
   get a glimpse of WHO you are and HOW your company can help them.

3. People don't read instructions, but they just might WATCH them If your business has tasks that  
    the client must complete, you can maximize your time by putting together step-by-step "how-to" videos.  
    Not only will this save you time by not having to explain the same procedure over and over again, it will 
    allow your client to watch the procedure as many times as he or she needs to- without having to wait  
    online  for customer service. 

4. Capture compelling video testimonials.  While written testimonials and audio testimonials ARE
    powerful, nothing beats a spontaneous client video testimonial.  For whatever reason, people tend to 
    believe what they see.  Using video testimonials is an awesome way to create instant credibility.

5. You can show people actually USING your product or service.  A great use of video is showing 
    someone using what you sell.  For example: if you sell kites, you could spend a day at the beach with 
    some of your customers showing them in action with the kite they purchased from you.

If You Personally Hate Being Videotaped Yourself...

For you shy and retiring types, there is good news: One of the best uses of video may not involve you being on camera, but rather behind the camera.

I have found that helping my business clients use video has been more rewarding than just putting up videos about myself.  It has helped me create loads of goodwill and get some referrals, too.

Below are some actual videos I did for a client, including a video testimonial that I volunteered to shoot myself.  As you can see, videos don't have to be perfect- they just need to convey content of importance to the viewer.

Video Tour of Vitality Spa, Brentwood, California

VIDEO TESTIMONIAL EXAMPLE: Brentwood Massage and Vitality Spa

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